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The biggest story (La plus grande histoire)

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Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. They were the happiest people on earth. It must be said that they were also the only people living on earth. but we still know they were incredibly happy!

Unfortunately, things did not stay happy and wonderful for very long.

The Bible is a book full of great stories! While some are thrilling, others are breathtakingly beautiful. But what you don't always know is that all of these great little stories are tied together. Together, they make The greatest story ! And this great story is the story of God who comes to the aid of a people of rebels. It’s this great story that gives meaning to all the little stories in the Bible.

Thanks to the book by Kevin DeYoung, beautifully illustrated by Don Clark, we will discover that the promises of God are far greater and more surprising than anything we could imagine.

And the most beautiful of God's promises, the most extraordinary without a doubt, is this: one day, God was going to send an exceptional man, a liberator, the one who was going to crush the serpent in order to bring us back to its wonderful garden.

Our story begins in a beautiful garden, the Garden of Eden.


Author (s) : DeYoung, Kevin (text), Don Clark (illustration)
Original title : The Biggest Story : How the snake crusher brings us back to the garden
Publisher : BLF Éditions
ISBN : 978-2 -36249-353-9
Pages : 129
Format : 18 x 23 cm
Weight : 546 g
Release : May 2016

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