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<transcy>Pollution and the Death of Man (La pollution et la mort de l'homme) </transcy>

Un point de vue chrétien sur l'écologie

Francis Schaeffer
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A Christian Perspective on Ecology

God, when he created the world, gave mankind the responsibility to rule the earth. The man had to behave like a wise steward. He could, of course, use the abundant resources of the earth to meet his own needs, but he also had to care for them and watch over the creatures that inhabit it. The number of species in danger of extinction or of oil spills draws a grim record, which proves without question that humans have sadly missed the mark. How could we have strayed so far from the mandate we received? How should we act now?
Francis Schaeffer has acquired a brilliant reputation on the philosophical and theological level, and this work is authoritative on the subject. The author presents current ecological crises from the angle of Scripture and theology and addresses deep philosophical questions with regard to creation and ecology. We must return, he said, to a fundamentally biblical understanding of both God's relationship with the earth, and our task of governing it according to his will. Pollution and human death is an important and relevant message for our time.
Table of contents
What did they do to our sister, so pure and so beautiful?
Pantheism or: "a human being is hardly worth more than a blade of grass"
Other imperfect answers
The Christian Perspective: Creation
The Christian Perspective for Renewal
The Christian Perspective: The Model Factory

Appendices - “The Historical Causes of Our Ecological Crisis” by Lynn White
“Why Care About Nature? By Richard L. Means
Original title: Pollution and the Death of Man
Author : Francis Schaeffer
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication : 2015
ISBN : 978-2-924110-98-0
Pages : 125
Format : 5 '' X 7 ''
Weight : 116 g
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