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<transcy>Prayer (La prière)</transcy>

Timothy Keller
by CLÉ
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Prayer is a friendship that satisfies. Prayer puts our hearts in tune with that of God. Prayer is the key to our being and to our action. We must learn to pray. It is a necessity.

Prayer is wonder, intimacy and struggle; but also an approach to reality. Nothing is more important, difficult, rich or life transforming factor. Nothing beats prayer, absolutely nothing.

Timothy Keller analyzes in a precise and nuanced way the past or contemporary practices of different religions. He teaches us the joy of praying and meditating on the scriptures as Augustine, Luther, and Calvin did. He is particularly interested in the Our Father and the Psalms.

Keller presents prayer from its theological, methodological and also practical angle. A unique book that does not claim to deliver the key or the secret of prayer. It offers real practical and biblical tools for renewing one's prayer life in order to experience growing wonder in intimacy with God.


  • Christians wishing to have an overview (theoretical and practical) of prayer.
  • Christians who wish to renew their prayer life with practical tools.
  • Catholics who wish to have an (Evangelical) vision of prayer.
  • Pastors and spiritual leaders who teach prayer.
  • Non-believers who are interested in Christian prayer.

Why read this book?

  • To broaden his view of prayer: by understanding the importance, power and scope of prayer in the life of the believer.
  • To have new ideas for her prayer life and to renew her relationship with God.
  • To shed some light, not only on Keller, but also on classical authors.


  • The expertise of Tim Keller, famous pastor, author and speaker, in the service of a key subject of the Christian faith.
  • Keller offers a detailed and commented summary of the thoughts of famous authors (Augustine, Luther, Calvin) on prayer and the Our Father.
  • A comprehensive book that treats all aspects of the subject with depth, clarity and nuance in 5 parts and encourages the use of the Bible for prayer.
  • An approach that takes into account the challenges of the contemporary world, but also the history of the Church and the different traditions of faith.
Original title : Prayer: experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God
Author: Timothy Keller
: Clé
Publication : March 2016
ISBN : 978-2-35843-042-5
Pages : 384
Dimensions : 14x21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 434 g
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