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John Onwuchekwa
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WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ASSEMBLY PRAYER? Prayer is as necessary for Christians as breathing is for the human body. However, it is usually not our first instinct. In fact, prayer is often subtly sidelined in the Church in favor of practices that promise tangible results.

This book emphasizes the need to make prayer a regular and central practice in the local Church. He shows us the importance of prayer in assembly and makes us aware of its benefits. By examining Jesus' teachings on prayer as well as the practices of early Christians, the author explains why prayer should be a priority in our assemblies.

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JOHN ONWUCHEKWA (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary) is the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a board member of The Gospel Coalition.


“There are many books on prayer, but very few on the power of the Church of Jesus Christ's biblical, strategic, and collective prayer. This practical little book has the potential to transform your local church to the glory of God. "
- GAÉTAN BRASSARD, Senior Pastor of Le Portail Church

“From a solid theological foundation and a proven pastoral ministry, John Onwuchekwa studies in particular the Our Father, the events of Gethsemane and the prayers of Acts to motivate and inspire our community prayer life. His book follows the well-established formula of this precious series proposed by 9Marks. The author goes straight to the point, with clear illustrations and practical avenues for reflection and application. Every Christian should take the time to listen to what God expects from the prayer life of his Church. The subject is disturbing, moving, powerful but beneficial. Must read! "
- FRÉDÉRIC BICAN, pastor, Action Biblique Church of Grasse; president of Action Biblique France

“Question: Why publish another book on prayer? Answer: To place in the hands of French-speaking readers a resource that deals, concretely and with great theological accuracy, with community prayer within the framework of the weekly meetings and the regular prayer meetings of the local Church. May the reading of this book lead our churches to glorify God more. "
- JAMES HELY HUTCHINSON, director of the Institut Biblique de Bruxelles

“'Pray often, for prayer is a shield for the soul, a sacrifice for God and a plague for Satan,” said John Bunyan. Nothing is more true, especially with regard to community prayer. If you find that your prayer life is dry and arid, this little work by John Onwuchekwa will lead you to the sources of living water of communion with God! "
- GUILLAUME BOURIN, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of the Trinity; author of the book I will pour pure water on you ; founder of the blog Le Bon Combat; director of the Biblical Institute #Transmit

“I found the author refreshing and transparent. The heart and the head are united there. Here is a biblical and practical book on community prayer, a subject that has unfortunately been almost forgotten during the last three decades in Quebec. Through the study of the Our Father, this little work reminds us of the importance of "we" in the Church. He concretely equips us on how to create lively times of prayer during services and during one-off prayer meetings of the Church. It fills a real need. May God use this book for a renewal of community prayer. "
- RICHARD HOULE, associate pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Vaudreuil; head of the 24/7 Prayer Movement, AEBEQ

“Prayer is a weapon in the life of the believer, but it is still necessary to use it. John Onwuchekwa encourages us with great humility to rediscover how prayer helps us to remain dependent on God. Not only does it refer to our daily prayer life, but it also emphasizes the role of community prayer. He gives a lot of importance to this one, because it teaches us how to supplicate, confess, worship and show gratitude to God in a way that announces and applies the Good News of Christ directly to the heart of our assembly. "
- MICHAËL CARON, pastor of vision, Evangelical Baptist Church of Shawinigan-Sud; partner of the 9Marks ministry for the Francophonie

“This book encourages us to take up the challenge of praying in the Church. Written in a pastoral and practical way, it offers reflections that move us to redefine the framework of our prayer meetings, to draw closer to God and to depend on him. It is when we pray to God together that we take best care of each other. The "I" becomes "we" because we are a body. I encourage you to read this little book with your study groups and prayer partners. "
- FRANÇOIS PICARD, former director general of the Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec (SEMBEQ); elder at the Evangelical Emmanuel Baptist Church, Montreal

“I don't think I've ever read a book on prayer that has led me to experience the full range of human emotions, until I read The Prayer, by John Onwuchekwa. Here is a human book: beautiful, poignant, funny, uncompromising and pastoral. This book is more useful than a rebuke for our often sluggish prayer lives. He does not seek to manipulate us by making us feel guilty. Onwuchekwa writes like a traveling companion and as such knows well that what travelers need most is refreshment. This book is a thirst-quenching encouragement to come together to seek our great God. I pray that all the Churches will read The Prayer together; it will change our assemblies. This work is a warm invitation for the whole Church; he draws the people of God to the wonders of prayer. "
- THABITI ANYABWILE, pastor, Anacostia Church River, Washington, DC; author of What Is a Healthy Church Member?

“Prayer is an excellent book written by my dear friend John Onwuchekwa. He is biblically and theologically rich. He is also concrete and honest. Do you want to establish a prayer group in your Church? This book is a great start. "
- DANIEL L. AKIN, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Everyone remembers that aunt or uncle who silenced our fears with this sentence:" We're just going to pray for that, my darling ". John Onwuchekwa is that voice for today, calling the Church to return to one of the simplest and most powerful tools in its arsenal: the practice of collective prayer. He doesn't just want to wake up our atrophied prayer muscles; he invites us to the much more arduous task of reorienting our priorities so that they align more with those of God. Onwuchekwa's call to return to these "first things" is an excellent starting point for seeing Christian communities moving in the same direction: that of the kingdom of God. "
- KA ELLIS, Cannada Fellow for World Christianity, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Surely there is something missing in your church, something that you haven't given much thought to or that you probably haven't even noticed. It is about prayer. Onwuchekwa explains to us the compelling, relevant and biblical reasons why collective prayer should be a priority in the Church. It is a great privilege to pray together as a family - this is the vision Onwuchekwa communicates to us. This book has the potential to transform not only individuals, but also our relationships and culture in our churches. I the
highly recommend. "
- TRILLIA NEWBELL, author of God's very good idea , Enjoy and Fear and Faith

“The early Church progressed mightily because she was a praying Church (Acts 4:31). If today we have mastered the inner workings of ministry so well that we can succeed without power from above, then we have failed. But if our Churches today hear this exhortation to the prayer of John Onwuchekwa, we too will prevail over all earthly powers, for the glory of God! "
- RAY ORTLUND, board member of The Gospel Coalition

“This book prompts us to reflect on the prayer life in the local Church. Onwuchekwa establishes a theological framework, then gives us concrete and realistic solutions to flesh it out. I have had the privilege of working with John for the past decade, and I know of no one who knows better than to present him with imposing concepts in a way that pleases the body of Christ. He goes above and beyond in this book. It takes biblical principles and transmits them effectively. His work on this subject is a gift for the Church. "
- DHATI LEWIS, Senior Pastor, Blueprint Church, Atlanta, Georgia; general manager of community catering, North American Mission Board; author of Among Wolves: Disciple-Making in the City

“What could our Churches need more, if not a renewed spirituality, centered on the Gospel? And what more could we do to experience this renewal than to re-engage in nurturing communion with our Father, through prayer? This is why I am grateful for this exceptional book by John Onwuchekwa. It is a practical, accessible and touching guide that leads us into the depths of the immense and glorious privilege of being able to speak to the God of the universe. "
- JARED C. WILSON, director of content strategies, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; director of the Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri; author of Supernatural Power for Everyday People

“I have a lot to say about this little book, because it is excellent. In fact, I think it's one of the best books in this series. Short and well written, this book by Pastor John Onwuchekwa focuses primarily on two passages from the Gospels: the Our Father and Jesus' Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Onwuchekwa shares important observations with us that seem intuitive, but which are also surprising. It is a well-illustrated book, faithful to the Scriptures and theologically correct. It is useful for thinking about not only when we should pray, but also how we should pray, and even what our prayers are about. It puts us in touch with the scope of collective prayer in the Church. Inspirational and hopeful, precise and practical, this book is peppered with hints of humor. Taking the time to read this little book, on such an important subject, could be of benefit to you. "
- MARK DEVER, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC; president of 9Marks


Preface to the series

1. BREATHE AGAIN - The problem of the lack of prayer
2. EXCELLENCE - Teach us to pray
3. THE WORLD IS YOURS - A Guided Family
4. A COMFORTABLE MEAL - A nourished family
5. ROOTS - A deeply rooted family
6. GLORY - The role of prayer in worship service
7. REST ON ME - The Role of Prayer in the Care of Community Members
8. DO WHAT IS RIGHT - The Role of Prayer in Mission

Conclusion - Fighting temptations
Subject index
Biblical References Index


Original title : Pray
Author : John Onwuchekwa
Publisher: Cruciforme Editions
ISBN : 978-2-924595-91-6
Release : April 2020
Format : eBook

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Merci pour votre offre !

Merci pour votre offre !


C'est très édifiant et très enrichissant ce livre

Sylvain F
Toujours bon d'avoir ce genre d'outils pour améliorer notre vie de prière !

Très bon livre, clair et simple à lire, à la portée de tous les membres d'une assemblée, pour une bonne communion et vie de prière.
J'ai déjà une copie papier et désirais l'avoir en format numérique comme passe partout.