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<transcy>Praises for the King of kings (La splendeur de son règne)</transcy>

Walter Chantry
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Can it be said that Christ reigns today, when our world is in such chaos and utter confusion? If he is Lord, how can we explain so much indifference, even opposition, to the Gospel? The problem is real for the thinker, especially for the Christian who has placed himself wholeheartedly at the service of the one he calls his Master and in whom he has found the forgiveness of his sin.

Does Christ really reign, and does he reign today?

The psalmist addresses these questions. With ever-current responses, he reveals the state of the world, God's reaction, and his purpose. It portrays Christ's present reign, more powerful than it appears, and his glory to come. It also shows that the Church is intimately involved as she serves to reveal the splendor of Christ's reign and that she will fully share it, thus tasting that ineffable glory that no language can describe.

"I didn’t write this book for the busy person who takes just a quick bite to nurture their spiritual being, and who only needs a minute with Jesus. These pages are aimed at the hungry heart who knows it is worth spending time and meditation to discover the King in his magnificence. "

Walter Chantry - Pastor of a Baptist church in the eastern United States since 1963, he is also a popular speaker and has written numerous books, including The Master at the 'work (meeting with the rich young man).

Table of contents


Psalm 9 A philosophy of life

Scene I The revolt of man, or the rejection of Christ
Scene II The supremacy of God, or the anointing of Christ
Scene III The authority of Christ, or Christ invested with power

br> Scene IV The Strategy of the Gospel, or the Reception of Christ

Psalm 110 - The coronation of the King

1 The mighty reign of Christ
2 The spiritual reign of Christ
3 The priestly reign of Christ
4 The judicial reign of Christ

Psalm 45 - The return of the King

1 The King's Approach
The King's Excellence
The King's Victory
The King's Destiny
2 The expectation of the Bride
The assurance of the Bride
The appearance of the Bride
3 The approval of the union


Original title : Praises for the King of kings
Author : Walter Chantry
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 128
Weight : 170 g
Publication : 2002
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 9782914562058
Format : paperback