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<transcy>The Callings (La vie chrétienne est une vocation)</transcy>

Paul Helm
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The Christian life begins when we hear and respond to the "call" of Jesus Christ. Like the first disciples of Jesus, we must then “leave everything” in order to follow the Master.

But, does that mean that I have to enter what is commonly called "full-time Christian service"? How can I devote myself to a witness for Jesus Christ when I have to spend so much time and energy doing an "ordinary" job?

The author believes that the lives of many Christians have been disfigured by the thought that the only valid way for a believer to live is to be engaged in some sort of "Christian" career. In fact, God calls the vast majority of Christians to serve him wherever they are, wherever he has placed them, in the shop or in the office, in the store or on the job site. This book shows that instead of dissecting life into compartments ("spiritual" and "secular"), it is better to view each moment that is given to us as an opportunity to live fully for the glory of God. A welcome antidote for a modern Church.

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Paul Helm - Born in 1940, he is one of today's foremost British theologians and philosophers. He is a specialist in the thought of Jean Calvin. Educated at the prestigious University of Oxford, he taught philosophy at the University of Liverpool, King's College London, a seminary in Scotland, before also teaching at Regent College in Vancouver. He is the author of numerous books and articles, some of which are published or in the process of being published in French.

Table of contents


1. God's call results in a response
Both calls
All equal before God
The call of God and freedom
The emergence of a canvas < / p>

2. The dangers of dualism
Dualism and the call of God
Three case studies
1. Augustine and Evil
2. Anabaptism
3. Faith and History
Dualism and the New Testament
a. The “flesh” and the “spirit”
b. The "world"

3. My life is my vocation and my vocation is my life
Back to the two calls
Spiritual life and daily life
Human life as a vocation
The Reformation and the idea of ​​vocation
The vocation and the secular domain
Vocation and Biblical Wisdom
The Call to Ministry

4. Call and Freedom
Paul's teaching
Freedom and Responsibility
The framework and domain of Christian obedience
The law of God and others
Freedom and prosperity

5. The work of the Christian and the vocation of God
The work is part of the vocation of the Christian
Gifts and opportunities
Discipline and duty
" Secular ”and“ Christian ”
Work, unemployment and leisure

6. Borders and delimitations
The limits set by the law
L ' Christian call and compromise
Christian freedom and the “gray areas”
Rights and duties

7. The Christian's call to the light of heaven


Original title : The Callings
Author : Paul Helm
Publisher : Europresse
ISBN : 978-2-914562-75-1
Publication : October 2020
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 214 g

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