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<transcy>Life by His Death (La vie par sa mort)</transcy>

John Owen
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“There are some clues these days showing a resurgence of interest in Bible theology: a new readiness to test tradition, to scrutinize the Scriptures… It is up to those who share the eagerness that this Owen treatise is offered, with the conviction that it will help us in one of the most urgent tasks facing the evangelical Christian world today - the recovery of the gospel. "- J. I. Packer

La vie par sa mort ( The Death of Death in the Death of Christ ) was published in 1647. It seems that no one has succeeded in refuting the thesis defended by Owen, which he defends brilliantly on the basis of the Scriptures.

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John Owen , born in 1616, is one of the most eminent theologians in the history of England. At the age of 12, he entered the University of Oxford from where he obtained a bachelor's degree in 1632 and a master's degree in 1635. For a few years, he served as Olivier Cromwell's personal chaplain, this which leads him to preach in Parliament on several occasions. He will also exercise pastoral ministry in three churches during his lifetime. His grave can still be seen in Bunhill Fields Cemetery, London.

Table of contents


Preface - The purpose of this book

Introduction - The subject of this book

Part 1
God's purpose in sending Christ to die
1. Presentation of the problem
2. The who, how and what of a thing
3. God the Father , the Agent of our salvation
4. God the Son, the Agent of our salvation
5. God the Spirit, the Agent of our salvation
6. The work of Christ, l instrument of obtaining our salvation
7. The deliberate offering of Christ and his intercession constitute the only means provided for the fulfillment of our redemption

Part 2
The Real Purpose of Christ's Death: What He Accomplished
1. Some Definitions
2. Who Benefit From Christ's Death?
3. What was the purpose of Christ's death?
4. Does Christ's death make salvation a possibility or a certainty?
5. Reasons why all those for whom Christ died are necessarily saved

Part Three
Sixteen Arguments Showing That Christ Did Not Die For Universal Salvation
1. Two Arguments Based on the Very Nature of the New Covenant
2. Three Arguments Based on Descriptions of the New Covenant salvation found in the Bible
3. Two arguments based on the nature of Christ's work
4. Three arguments based on the nature of holiness and faith
5. One argument based on meaning of the word "redemption"
6. An argument based on the meaning of the word "reconciliation"
7. An argument based on the meaning of the word "satisfaction"
8. Two arguments based on the value of the death of Christ
9. A global argument from specific verses of the Scriptures

Part 4
Answers to the Arguments for Universal Salvation
1. Answers to the Four Common Reasons for Universal Salvation
2. Preliminary Explanation of Verses Containing the Word "World "
3. A Detailed Study of John 3.16
4. A Detailed Study of 1 John 2.1-2
5. Summary Explanation of Six Scriptures
6. Explanation of Verses Containing the Words" all men "," every man "or" every man "
7. Explanation of verses which seem to suggest that those for whom Christ died may still perish
8. False reasoning exposed


Original title: Life by His Death
John Owen
: Impact Héritage
ISBN : 978-2-924773-18-5
Publication : January 2018
Pages : 114
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Format : paperback
Weight : 150 g

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