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<transcy>The Abolition of Man (L'abolition de l'homme)</transcy>

C. S. Lewis
by LLB
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Released during World War II, The Abolition of Man Has Not Aged a Wrinkle; it even seems that his message is more relevant than ever. Although the original English edition's subtitle indicates that the topics covered are reflections on education, Lewis broadens the discussion from the first chapter. In fact, there is little talk of pedagogy here, and education only serves as a starting point for the author's reflections. The abolition of man in fact deals with the tendencies of our contemporaries to attempt to submit human thought and soul no longer to values, but to natural facts and phenomena, which can only lead to the abolition of humanity. Of course, Lewis is not the only one to demonstrate how the shattering of the values ​​of traditional morality gradually empties man of his substance, dehumanizes him, but he is one of the few to perceive its disastrous consequences so clearly.


Original title : The Abolition of Man
Author : CS Lewis
Pages : 122
Publisher : LLB
ISBN : 978-2-981505-22-4
Weight : 129 g
Dimensions : 12 x 21 cm