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<transcy>The DNA of a Growing Church (L'ADN d'une Église qui grandit) </transcy>

Daniel Liberek
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For more than 50 years, researchers have asked themselves many questions about the growth of churches :

  • How can we effectively reach our contemporaries with the Gospel?
  • Why do some churches grow while others stagnate?
  • What are the common characteristics of growing churches?
  • Are there principles of growth applicable everywhere?

This book, the result of years of research and practice, is a in-depth study of the French-speaking Church . The author invites us to retain the best contributions of specialists in the growth of the Church while anchoring us firmly in the Biblical Writings . It develops the characteristics of a growing Church.

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Daniel LIBEREK , son of a pastor, is passionate about the Church and its growth. Pastor for nearly 40 years of a church in Belgium, he is also Regional Director for Europe for the United World Mission and President of the Forum of Global Evangelists.


Daniel Liberek draws on Scripture, on his missiological research, and on the experience of Belgian churches to identify healthy practices conducive to the qualitative and quantitative growth of the Church. It is a stimulating book that identifies and analyzes many approaches, including those that do not receive its endorsement. This foundation laid, the book becomes a kind of practical manual that will help those in charge to develop a communicative Church life. A useful book, full of common sense.
- Florent Varak, pastor, author and teacher at the Institut Biblique de Genève

When you plant a Church, you have to know where you are going and by what means. This vision of the DNA of the Church will therefore be useful for all those who want to plant a new Church because it is riddled with good analysis, excellent advice, real field experiences. We like the strong emphasis the author gives to preaching and teaching - it thus reflects the major concerns of the New Testament about the ministry of the word, its effectiveness, its sufficiency and the fruits it produces. love, worship, testimony, service and relevance. Any church planter would benefit from a careful reading of this book.
- Philip Moore, Church Planter and Director of Acts 29 Europe

I liked this book. It is one of those books where from the first pages you take out your stabilizer and you start to highlight. It is a compendium of ideas, experiences, nuggets, analyzes, models, suggestions and concrete leads. With kindness, knowledge and experience Daniel shares with us his love for the Church. Successful bet ! It really makes us want to take action.
- Emmanuel Maennlein, evangelist, speaker, author

Through this work in which Professor Liberek presents us with more than interesting research for the good development of Christian communities, we can rejoice to see how much our Lord loves his Church and continues to build it by using the ministries of teachers like Daniel. They remind us of the priorities and challenges of the Church of Christ and make us aware as children of God not to be mistaken in the fight. I greatly thank the author not only for his surveys and statistics but also for having noted the importance of seeking the life of the Spirit in the Church so that it can keep its conquering position and depopulate hell. .
- Salvatore Sorce, pastor, teacher at the Faculty of Theology in Jerusalem

Reading the book of Daniel is likely to renew the love and enthusiasm of all who are engaged in planting, leading or accompanying churches. It's hard to stop reading it ... Indeed, we are taken from start to finish by the contagious faith and the realistic dynamism that emerge from it and which makes you want to get down to work! From the first lines, one feels the field experience of its author as well as his confidence in the sovereign project of God. Anchored in a French-speaking context in which many will recognize themselves, the demonstration of God's intention for the good health of the Church can only convince and triumph over all the pretexts that one might be tempted to put forward to justify the status quo. However, nothing is taken for granted in the matter ... Without a recipe, without a shortcut, or an easy slogan, but thanks to a rigorous analysis of the principles promoting growth, this relevant and concrete reflection offers the reader an understanding, a path to actively work for the growth of the church. All aspects of the daily life of the Church are scrutinized, leaving nothing to chance. A refreshing reading likely to renew the momentum for the Church!
- Jean-Marc Potenti, p asteur and president of the CEEF, responsible for the New Connections Apostolic Network

If it works well, the Church is the hope of the world. I have often heard this statement, which may sound too optimistic and presumptuous in our Belgian context. I am delighted to recommend this excellent book written by my pastor friend, Daniel Liberek. First of all, it provides every reader with a solid theology of the Church, based on the New Testament, which is so much needed in an age when all kinds of misconceptions and unbiblical theories are circulating within and outside the Church. When we understand that the Church is the idea of ​​God, we can be sure that we will not invest our efforts in building and leading healthy churches. Second, the author does an excellent job giving us an understanding of the status of the Christian Church in the context of evangelism in Belgium. It analyzes the factors that explain the spiritual and numerical weakness of the Church in our country, with specific guidelines to help us find a new sense of hope, enthusiasm and commitment to the cause of the growth of the Church. 'Church. I am very grateful for the in-depth work of Dr Liberek, which will certainly serve as a tool for any believer desiring to be part of the greatest masterpiece on the planet, a project whose eternal victory is guaranteed by its owner and his builder, the one who said: “I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”
- Daniel Costanza, senior pastor of the Brussels Christian Center and head of the Espoir Wallonie ministry

Like a talented painter, Daniel Liberek paints broad strokes and, at the same time, with extreme thoroughness, the picture of a Church which must grow qualitatively and quantitatively. He does this from monumental research, from his own diverse pastoral experience, and, of course, from in-depth study of the Scriptures. He deduces a set of spiritual principles from which he exposes the ins and outs, concrete and practical. Readers who wish to have an impact for the Kingdom through their Church will benefit greatly.
Convinced, like the author, of the centrality of the local Church in the plan of God, and moreover , known all the stages of the life of a Church: pioneer stage, small Church, average Church, Church finally reached maturity, I found the work excellent. I particularly appreciated in Daniel Liberek the balance between welcome and teaching, between pastoral and evangelization ministries, between specialized ministries and ministry specific to each Christian in the sphere or network where God has placed him, between the assembled Church and Church dispersed.
As I myself travel more and more within the framework of the Lausanne Movement, it seems to me that the spiritual principles for the growth of the Church enunciated and advocated by Daniel Liberek are not only relevant for the European Francophonie, but also in other contexts, perhaps even on a “global” scale. I can therefore only warmly recommend the reading of The DNA of a Growing Church to anyone who wishes to be stimulated in their reflection and action in the perspective of a Church that calls ever more believers and non-believers alike, for the glory of God.
- Jean-Paul Rempp, pastor of La Bonne Nouvelle Church in Lyon and regional director of the Lausanne Movement for Europe

Many books have been written on the theme of the growth of the Church, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon world and to a lesser extent in French. Each provides useful insight and insight into what should be the norm in the Church - that is, steady growth. Daniel Liberek is the one who, in my opinion, approaches the subject by providing the most elements allowing our churches and our pastoral ministries to question themselves. His meticulous, in-depth research based on numerous testimonies from different Evangelical Churches, gives us a very clear picture of the reasons why our Churches are growing or not. It emphasizes the main actor in the dynamism and growth of the early Church (the Holy Spirit) and the importance of prayer in our approach to evangelism. It also shows the many parameters that must be put in place for the Church to become a place of life rather than a museum. This book not only deserves to be read but also to become a tool to prepare our Churches to truly enter into God's plan, that of evangelizing the world.
- Baudouin Galantyj, pastor of the Church Protestant Evangelical Revival of Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium

In this remarkable work, Daniel Liberek offers us a detailed study of the growth factors of French-speaking Belgian churches. Belgium and France being close geographically and culturally speaking, the results of this extensive investigation and their analysis can only be of use to French and Belgian church leaders who are sensitive about the growth of the Church. In this concentrate of his doctoral thesis, shaped by forty years of pastoral ministry, Daniel presents to us the substance of his research. He knew how to ask the right questions, put in words, give clear and rational explanations on the elements that we feel or observe in an empirical way in the experience of our Evangelical Churches. I can only thank him for this enormous work of synthesis which will save precious time for all the servants anxious to advance effectively and biblically the Kingdom of God.
- Franck Segonne, pastor-evangelist, author and teacher at the Biblical Institute of Geneva


Publisher : BLF Éditions
Author : Daniel Liberek
Publication : March 2020
ISBN : 978-236249-542-7
Pages : 226
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