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<transcy>God's Greatest Blessing (L'adoption) </transcy>

Frank Allred
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The genuine believer is part of the family of God because God has adopted him into that family. Far from thinking that this is only a mystical and religious truth, the author sees adoption as the greatest blessing from God. The reason for this is that it encompasses and illuminates all the other blessings bestowed upon by the gospel of Christ.

Adoption is a bit like the metal frame that is hidden in the construction of a large building. Most of the time, you don't see it and ignore it, but it is certain that the building would collapse soon if it weren't there.

This book is not just a textbook on adoption doctrine. While presenting biblical truth with clarity and uncompromisingly denouncing the errors that disfigure it, the author has the genius to wrap it all up in a very concrete style marked by daily life. He enjoys using familiar illustrations, which
gives his book a welcome warmth and a powerful source of encouragement.

The reader will be enriched by contemplating what God has done to bring his elect into his family by virtue of what the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished in his work as Mediator. The wonderful blessing of adoption lifts the gaze to a future filled with glory and bliss.

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Frank Allred - Born in England in the first quarter of the twentieth century, he served in his country’s army during World War II. After working for several years in the private sector, he received theological and pastoral training in the Church of England and then served in several churches in the center of the country. He is now using his retirement to publish books, some of which have appeared in French.

Table of contents

1 The family of God
2 Slaves of sin
3 Whose father?
4 Jesus my brother
5 Who is a Jew?
6 The origins of the Family
7 Admitted into the Family
8 Adoption Follows Redemption
9 The Spirit of Adoption
10 Suffering with Christ
11 The Assurance of Belonging to the family
12 The cosmopolitan family of God
13 Persevering within the family
14 A gradual transformation
15 Overcoming sin within the family
16 Discipline within the family of God
17 The redemption of our bodies
18 The glorious freedom of the children of God
19 What to do with all this?


Original title : God's Greatest Blessing
Author : Frank Allred
Publisher : Europresse
Publication : April 2021
ISBN : 978-2-906287-73-0
Pages : 225
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 270 g

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