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<transcy>The Covenant of Love (L'alliance d'amour)</transcy>

Clarence Stam
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THE ALLIANCE OF LOVE deals with the importance and meaning of the covenant the Lord has made with humanity. The main purpose of this book is to show from the Bible that this covenant is not a sterile contract between two parties, but a living relationship between God and his people. The only motive for this covenant is the love of God and the only source of this covenant is the grace of God. T his love and grace were fully manifested in Jesus Christ, the great Mediator of the covenant.

All men are called to respond in one way or another to this covenant of love. For us who are saved, this covenant should also be a dynamic relationship in which we joyfully and faithfully serve the Lord for the blessings He has given us in our Savior.

To lead a Christian life that glorifies God and is beneficial to our neighbor, it is necessary to have a clear and balanced vision of the covenant between God and his people. By examining the Word of God, the author answers many important questions about this covenant as revealed to us in the scriptures.

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CLARENCE STAM (1948-2016) was a renowned preacher in the churches of the Canadian Reformed Churches. He served as a minister of worship in several Reformed churches in the Netherlands and Canada. During the last years of his life, he devoted himself to writing. His many books have had a significant impact on Reformed churches in Canada and elsewhere.

"I highly recommend this book which beautifully celebrates the covenant of love between God and his people. The author presents the development of this covenant from its beginnings to its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. He makes us explore the riches of this relationship with God, who calls us to live according to the promises and responsibilities attached to his covenant. "
–Paulin Bédard, pastor of the Reformed Christian Church of Beauce, author of the book The solid foundation of salvation

“We often talk about our personal relationship with God. This relationship is that of an alliance. With a pastoral concern to enrich our relationship with God, Clarence Stam presents the biblical teaching on the covenant, answering several questions and critiques. He constantly reminds us that the covenant is always "a living relationship" motivated by the Lord's staunch love for His chosen people. »
–Bernard Westerveld, pastor, Reformed Church of St-Marc, Quebec

Table of contents


1. Who establishes the alliance?
2. What is an alliance?
3. How many covenants are there?
4. When Did God First Establish His Covenant?
5. Should we speak of an alliance of works?
6. The Covenant Broken by the Fall into Sin
7. The Covenant Kept in the Promise of a Savior
8. Generations and the Alliance
9. The Covenant with Noah
10. The Covenant with Abraham
11. The Covenant and Our Deliverance
12. The Alliance and Royalty
13. The promise of a new alliance
14. The New Alliance Established
15. The link between old and new covenant
16. The Covenant and the Holy Spirit
17. The Covenant and the Church
18. The Covenant and the Preaching
19. Signs of the Covenant
20. The Covenant and Regeneration
21. The Alliance and the Election
22. Can the alliance be broken?
23. Living in the alliance



Original title : The Covenant of Love
Author : Clarence Stam
Publisher : La Rochelle
Publication : October 2019
ISBN : 978-2-924895-10-8
Pages : 260
Dimensions : 6 "x 9"
Format : paperback
Weight : 364 g