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<transcy>The covenant of grace (L'alliance de grâce)</transcy>

Calvin Knox Cummings
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Throughout the Bible there is only one  underlying message; this is the message of salvation through a Redeemer. The Old Testament prophesies that the Savior will come. The New Testament tells us he came and tells us what he did.

"The covenant of grace" is the most precise and comprehensive term describing the unique plan of redemption that runs throughout the Bible. Understanding this covenant will allow everyone to become familiar with the central message of the Bible, and at the same time gain insight into its history and revelation. In this small study, the author provides an overview of the history of this alliance of grace. Emphasizing this story will provide a clearer overview of the Bible and better understand its contours.

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Calvin Knox Cummings (1909-1987) was pastor of Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the United States. Always having a passion for evangelism, he has taught generations of adults the truths of the Christian faith.
Table of contents

The covenant of grace: a key to understanding the Bible for new Christians

Part 1: The covenant of grace in the Old Testament
1. From Adam to Abraham
2. From Abraham to Moses
3. From Moses to Christ

Part Two: The Covenant of Grace in the New Testament
4. The Need for a New Covenant of Grace
5. Christ, the Mediator of the New Covenant of Grace
6. The Holy Spirit, the executor of the new covenant of grace

Modern attacks on the unity of the covenant of grace About the 'author

Original title : The Covenant of Grace
Author : Calvin Knox Cummings
Publisher : Éditions La Rochelle
ISBN : 978-2-924895-078
Publication : March 2019
Pages : 51
Dimensions : 5 "x7"
Format : paperback
Weight : 62 g

Customer Reviews

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Michaël S.
Une clé pour comprendre la Bible

Ce livre propose un survol de l'alliance de grâce, formule très importante pour l'interprétation des Écritures depuis la réforme.
De façon simple et articulée, l'auteur propose des versets clés ainsi qu'une courte explication afin d'introduire le lecteur à ce sujet si important pour comprendre davantage la Bible.
Lecture rapide, écriture compréhensible et accessible. Il saura plaire à tous ceux qui désirent en apprendre plus sur ce sujet.