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<transcy>Understanding and Enjoying the Bible (L'art de lire la bible) </transcy>

Paul Brown
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How is your Bible reading? Do you find that you read certain books frequently (the Gospels, Psalms, certain Epistles), never touching others (Ezekiel or Leviticus for example)? Maybe you walk steadily through the Bible but, quite frankly, it is more of a chore than a delight. Some books are so hard to understand that you don't get much out of them.

This book is for you.

It aims to help the Bible reader understand more clearly what they are reading and thereby gain more from the Word of God. It also warns against illegitimate understandings of the biblical message which open to false conclusions.
It draws heavily on Psalm 23 in its first part, engaging in a practical exercise of interpreting a passage already well known and loved by Christians.

It also highlights the different components of biblical writings, such as poetry, prophecy or storytelling, as well as other literary genres such as the apocalyptic. It emphasizes the importance of the reader's attitude and draws attention to the application of reading.

In doing so, he allows him to better understand the Bible and find happiness in reading it.

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Paul Brown: Educated at Bible College London, then Evangelical College Wales, he served various congregations for over four decades in Britain. Retired since, he is still active in preaching and writing books.

Table of contents


Part 1 - The world behind the text
1. The Shepherd and His Sheep
2. Pastures, valleys and streams
3. Belief System
4. The author
5. Literary conventions
6. Customs
7. God

Part 2 - The world inside the text
8. Hebrew Poetry
9. Narration
10. Two other literary characteristics
11. Prophecy
12. Literality
13. Words and Phrases
14. Take a step back
15. The Reader
16. The Church
17. The application
18. Christ in the Scriptures


Original title : Understanding and Enjoying the Bible
Author : Paul Brown
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 192
Weight : 260 g
Publication : May 2006
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
ISBN : 9782914562348
Format : paperback

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Romain Colas

Je vous voudrais vous remercier pour le so que vous m’avez fait
C’est apprécié et encourageant
J’ai bien reçu mes commandes à temps
Rien à reprocher
Mille merci pour le cadeau en livre