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<transcy>Evangelistic Calvinism (eBook) (Le calvinisme et l'évangélisation (eBook))</transcy>

John Benton
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This little book deals with a widespread misconception among Christians today. Calvinism, the author says, has often received bad press and has been unfairly criticized by those who criticize it for its teachings undermining Christians' zeal for mission and evangelism.

Examining the Five Points of Calvinism, John Benton explains to us that it is quite the opposite. It presents the doctrines of grace as five magnificent jewels which make the glory of Jesus shine beautifully to attract to Him those who are lost in sin. It demonstrates how these great truths should allay the deepest fears of a sinner and emphasizes the importance of including these doctrines in the proclamation of the gospel.

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John Benton holds a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Sussex. He is one of the pastors of Chertsey Street Baptist Church in Guildford, UK. He is the editor of the journal Evangelicals Now . He is married to Ann, who is also an author, and with whom he has written several books. They have three sons and a daughter.
Table of contents
Total Depravity
Unconditional Election
Limited Atonement
Irresistible Grace
Christian Perseverance
Original title : Evangelistic Calvinism
Author : John Benton
Publisher : Éditions La Rochelle
Publication : March 2019
ISBN : 978-2-924895-08-5 (eBook)
Pages : 58
Format : eBook