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<transcy>Gospel coach (eBook) (Le coaching biblique : former des leaders selon l'Évangile (eBook))</transcy>

Scott Thomas
by Impact
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Many leaders of our churches are disheartened and depressed at the magnitude of the task of leading and serving God's people. In fact, all leaders - including pastors - need someone who will help them in their day-to-day and leadership role by encouraging them, picking them up and supporting them with words of wisdom.
< br> In this book, Scott Thomas and Tom Wood offer a form of coaching that is primarily centered on the gospel. For this purpose, the authors do not limit themselves to describing the criteria and techniques for being an effective shepherd or coach, but they explain how these practices are to be motivated by a heart that the gospel has transformed.

This resource will be useful to pastors and leaders, so that they lead the flock of God in its mission, in the manner of Jesus Christ, the good shepherd, that is to say with love and for the glory of God.


SCOTT THOMAS has been the president of the Acts 29 church planting network and has trained many leaders in Bible coaching. He holds a master's degree in mission leadership.

TOM WOOD (D. Min., M. Div.) is the president of Church Multiplication Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. He founded two churches and was the plant director for Perimeter Ministries.


This book is exceptional. It is filled to the brim with spiritual wisdom as well as being practical in terms of building leaders among God's people. It shows a solid understanding of the Scriptures and many years of experience in pastoral ministry. This book challenged and encouraged me for my own life, my ministry, and my journey with God. I highly recommend it!
—Wayne Grudem, author of Systematic Theology

Bible Coaching is, in fact, about intentional friendship and care, and we all need it. This book helps us ensure that this friendship is gospel-centered, comes to the heart, and leads the individual to Christ. I will certainly use it and ardently encourage others to do the same.
—Steve Timmis, author, director of Acts 29 in Western Europe, founder of The Crowded House, at Sheffield, United Kingdom

It has been several years since I have watched my friend Scott Thomas take on the role of shepherd for church leaders. Scott knows the issues they face in their personal, spiritual and ministry lives. Bible Coaching is a practical and theologically rich book that will help develop balanced leaders to lead missional churches.
—Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research

This book is biblical, theological and extremely practical. It is centered on Christ and the gospel (although the two are inseparable). It is relevant and, at times, rather painful. This suffering is however curative and redemptive. I really like this book; I will use it wisely in the years to come.
—Daniel L. Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Wake Forest, NC

In Bible Coaching , Scott Thomas and Tom Wood go beyond describing the practices necessary to be an effective shepherd or coach. They also explain how they should and can be motivated by a heart that the gospel has transformed. Highly recommend!
—Steve Childers, President and CEO of Global Church Advancement, Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

What a wonderful read and what a gold mine of resources Scott Thomas and Tom Wood provided us with in Bible Coaching ! I would have benefited greatly, in my time as a young pastor, from the saturated wisdom of the gospel and the experiential knowledge contained in these pages. The DNA of the gospel would have been more deeply integrated into the life of our Church. But today, twenty-five years later, I am grateful to have a tool that I use to coach an emerging generation of passionate church leaders who love the gospel of grace, the bride of Christ and the kingdom of God. Please feel free to purchase this book, and encourage anyone who cares about the Church to do the same.
—Scotty Smith, Preacher, Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee

A movement of "pastors who play the role of shepherd for other pastors" is one of the great needs of our time. This book can equip and motivate workers to become fully involved in this desperately needed ministry. He is full of the gospel, faithful to the scriptures, and very practical. Scott Thomas and Tom Wood have served the Church well by providing us with such a resource.
—Tom Ascol, CEO of Founder's Ministries, pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida

This tool is essential in helping pastors and church planters lead their flocks and families effectively by developing a gospel-centered life plan.
—George Ross, Director of ONE8 Church Planting Network, pastor of Lifepoint Church in Senatobia, Mississippi

Table of contents


Part 1: The foundations of Bible coaching
1. Reasons Every Church Leader Needs a Coach
2. Reasons Every Church Leader Needs the Gospel
3. The Problem With Performance-Based Leadership
4. The only solution to the stress of ecclesial ministry
5. Three aspects to examine in the life of the disciple

Part 2: Coaching like a shepherd-leader
6. Church Leaders Are Shepherds
7. The qualities required in a coach: knowing
8. The qualities required in the coach: nourishing
9. The qualities required in a coach: driving
10. The qualities required in the coach: protect

Third part: Coaching sessions
11. A Gospel-Centered Coaching Conversation
12. Five practical phases of the coaching session
13. Put it all together

Appendix 1: The Coach-Disciple Alliance
Appendix 2: Personal Information Form
Appendix 3: Forty Questions to Keep Leaders Accountable
Appendix 4: Useful Questions for Coaching
Appendix 5: A seven-day prayer guide
Appendix 6: Example of the first four coaching sessions



Original title : Gospel Coach
Authors : Scott Thomas & Tom Wood
Publisher : Impact
Publication : April 2019
Pages : 299
ISBN : 978-2-89082-363-1
Format : eBook

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