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<transcy> The Art of Divine Contentment (Le contentement est un don de Dieu)</transcy>

Thomas Watson
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Happiness is not automatic for men, not even for Christians, and many are confused. Happiness does not seem real and fades as soon as you think you have caught it. Life here is guaranteed with its vicissitudes!

I don't have a job, my kids are going bad, I'm worth nothing, etc.

Well, Christians, take heart! Happiness was not automatic for the apostle Paul either. He had to learn to be happy with his condition.

Thomas Watson examines this saying, and shows what is the nature of this true happiness, how to get and keep it, where to draw it, how to avoid pitfalls and counterfeits.

These very pastoral pages answer a multitude of questions that everyone is asking.


THOMAS WATSON (1616-1688) - He was one of the most famous English pastors of his time. He was persecuted for his refusal to compromise the gospel by submitting to the wicked edicts of his king. Pastor of several churches in London, he wrote many books which have become classics for Christians, such as Divine Consolations , translated and published in French.

Table of contents

Biographical sketch
1 "I learned ..."
2 A divine instruction
3 A divine art
4 A few questions
5 What is contentment ?
6 Why seek contentment?
7 The pretexts of the discontented
8 True contentment is excellent
9 The Christian can and must be content
10 "All things work together ..."
11 A terrible and multiple evil
12 To be content is to be wise
13 Three areas forbidden to contentment
14 Have I learned this divine art?
15 How can I achieve this contentment?
16 The consolation of the content Christian


Original title : The Art of Divine Contentment
Author : Thomas Watson
Publisher : Europresse
Publication : 2003
Pages : 154
ISBN : 978-2-906287-58-7
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 196 g

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Customer Reviews

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Le contentement est un don de Dieu

Quel bon livre!
Qu'il est trop souvent difficile de se contenter de ce que l'on possède.
Dans ce court bouquin, Thomas Watson nous expose les différents dangers de la convoitise et du mécontentement pour nous recentrer vers une vérité centrale des Écritures = Le contentement est un don de Dieu.
Dans ce livre, nous pouvons apprendre sur des sujets tel que: qu'est-ce que le contentement? Comment l'atteindre? Quels sont ses ennemis? Pourquoi le rechercher? Etc.
Comme à l'habitude, Thomas Watson écrit très bien, c'est définitivement un ouvrage qui se dévore. Je conseil fortement.