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The star maker (Le créateur des étoiles)

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In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing except… The creator of the stars.

The creator of the stars made all that exists. And he also made the stars.
But one day the creator of the stars descended from the sky and came to dwell under the stars he created.

A beautifully illustrated text to enable children to read the Christmas story as if for the first time: Jesus, the creator of the stars, has become a little baby. Christmas, God among men!

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Helen Buckley was a teacher before moving to Birmingham (Great Britain) to get involved in child labor in her local church.


Jenny Brake also did the drawings for the books Everything I Should Know About God , All these people I should know and Everything I should know about prayer .


Original title : The Star Maker
Author : Helen Buckley
Illustrator : Jenny Brake
Publication : November 2020
ISBN : 9782362495618
Pages : 32 color pages
Dimensions : 21 x 21 cm
Format : hardcover, hardcover
Weight : 290 g

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