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<transcy>God's Design for Women (le dessein de Dieu pour la femme)</transcy>

Sharon James
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Feminism strongly permeates modern society. He encourages women to think that they can "have it all," both a successful professional career and a perfect family development. But a facade of success too often hides a sense of failure, inadequacy and mediocrity - a tyranny of expectations.

Far from reacting with primary negativity, Sharon James shows that every woman has a dignity that comes from being created in the image of God and intended to be a helper. It is therefore by understanding the design of her Creator that she finds the true fulfillment after which her heart longs. Only in this way does she get joy and poise.

In addition, the author presents her perspective on how this divine purpose for women is expressed within the framework of the Church of Christ. So these are pages that provoke self-reflection and examination in the light of the Word of God.

The book also includes a curriculum that can serve as a platform for meetings with women on the subject.

Sharon James writes from her own context, but her study will be of benefit to all believers, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.


Sharon James - A renowned speaker and author, she is a pastor's wife and mother of two. She studied history at Cambridge University, as well as theology at Baptist Seminary in Toronto. She has taught history in her own country, Great Britain, as well as in Malawi. She has also written several biographies.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction

Part 1: Beyond feminism

  1. Did God really create "man and woman"?
  2. Can women really have it all?

Part two: God's plan for women

  1. The plan: equality and complementarity
  2. The purpose: ruined, revealed and restored

Part Three: Women in the Ministry

  1. Mobilizing women for ministry
  2. Evangelization and mission
  3. Teaching, participation in the conduct of worship, prayer
  4. Service ministries
  5. Single and happy?
  6. They got married, lived happily ...
  7. "Stay-at-home mother" only?
  8. The woman at work
  9. The ministry of consolation
  10. Purity in the midst of permissiveness

Part Four: Real Beauty

  1. The beauty that fades
  2. Beauty that lasts


  1. Feminist arguments for ancient women
  2. Three wedding models
  3. Program for group studies
  • Notes

Original title : God's Design for Women
Author : Sharon James
Publisher : Europresse
ISBN : 978-2-914562-40-9
Pages : 288
Weight : 352 g
Publication : 2008
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback

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Un livre accessible pour tous

Ceci est un bon livre sur la complémentarité de l’homme et de la femme. L’auteur écrit de manière accessible à tout le monde. Le livre peut être bon également pour les hommes, car cela peut les aider à mieux comprendre la féminité et le livre aborde également quelques aspects de la masculinité. Les questions à la fin de chaque chapitre permettent de réfléchir et d’assimiler le contenu de chacun de ceux-ci.