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<transcy>Second Forgetting(eBook) (Le deuxième oubli (eBook))</transcy>

Benjamin Mast
by Impact
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Many people will spend much of their retirement caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or experience the effects of the disease first-hand. Through the stories of many people who live this reality, Benjamin Mast shows us how it is possible to cling to the hope and the power of the Gospel, despite the suffering and the challenges associated with this disease. .

Drawing on the theme of remembrance in the Bible and on God's commitment to remember his people, the author answers common questions about Alzheimer's disease and then explains its effects on it. personal identity and faith. He also gives several practical suggestions on how the Church can offer help and hope to families and victims of this debilitating disease.

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BENJAMIN MAST (Ph. D.) is a licensed clinical psychologist. He teaches psychological and brain sciences as well as geriatric medicine at the University of Louisville. He also serves as an elder at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Ky.


“My mother, one of the most godly people who ever lived, passed away from Alzheimer's disease. The debilitating effects of this disease were almost unbearable. A book like this would have been so precious to us! This book is a treasure for families who read it, wherever they are. »
- Daniel L. Akin, director of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina

"We forget… God always remembers. Thank you, Ben, for such a deep reminder.
–Jolene Brackey, speaker on Alzheimer’s disease; author of the book Creating Moments of Joy

“With pastoral tenderness and a firm grounding in the gospel, Ben Mast leads the reader to see that Alzheimer's disease cannot, and never will, have the last laugh. Our faithful God will never forget us. This book is a gift to the Church because it is an essential resource in equipping the body of Christ to care for one another, with the gospel, in times of great suffering. »
- Robert K. Cheong, pastor at Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, Kentucky 

“One of our biggest fears as we get older is this increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia. This fear prompts us to say, "Who am I if I cannot remember who I am?" Using the scriptures and the poignant testimonies of those affected by dementia that he has accompanied, Dr. Mast shows the reader how to respond to the ordeal of dementia as beloved children of God. "
- Jane M. Thibault, Ph. D., clinical gerontologist and professor emeritus of geriatrics at the University of Louisville School of Medicine

"This book does not just offer a series of scientific theories about the brain, Alzheimer's disease or memory loss, but also the deep, wise, and prayerful advice of a pastor. Dr. Mast is not only a seasoned scholar, but also a physician of the soul. What I want is for his ordinance to help make the Church healthier, more holy, and full of hope. Buy this book!
- Daniel Montgomery, pastor at Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, Kentucky; author of Faithmapping and PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace

“When memory is impaired, we lose touch with others, but also with God. Benjamin Mast takes us to study memory loss from the inside out, and helps us understand how this tragic and crippling disease is experienced. Caregivers who read this book will be able to support people with memory impairment with greater empathy and effectiveness. »
- Ronald J. Nydam, Doctor of Divinity, teacher in pastoral ministry at Calvin Theological Seminary, and author of the book Adoptees Come of Age: Living Within Two Families

"Benjamin Mast leads the reader of the book The Second Oblivion to the 'second memory', by reminding us that everyone has infinite value, and that God remembers everyone, whatever the circumstances. This book contains a powerful message of hope, addressed primarily to people of the Christian faith. But the eternal truths found there are useful for all readers, regardless of their faith. This book is a must-read for those of us who are dedicated to living a quality relationship with people who suffer from dementia. »
- Virginia Bell, Social Work Graduate; co-author of the books in the series The Best Friends Approach

Table of contents


1. What is the second oversight?
2. Better Understanding Alzheimer's Disease
3. Remember and Forget
4. The Gospel for People With Alzheimer's
5. Caring for the sick: a real challenge
6. God's Grace for Caregivers
7. Alzheimer's and the Church
8. Remembering Stories of Our Faith
9. Remembering the Lord
10. Prevention and planning
11. God never forgets



Original title : Second Forgetting
Author : Benjamin Mast
Publisher : Impact
Publication : November 2020
ISBN : 978-2-89082-405-8
Pages: 215
Format : EBook