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<transcy>A Book of Comfort (Le Dieu de toute consolation)</transcy>

Philip Power
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If illness or disability gives us time to think, the natural tendency of our thoughts to be in such a state may not be very comforting. Illness often puts an end to the activities we enjoy. It makes us dependent on others. On the other hand, feelings of pain, worthlessness or anxiety about the future are bound to take on a very concrete reality.

In seeking to help those who suffer in this way, the author does not underestimate the strength of these obstacles to consolation.

Far from offering superficial advice, he asserts that there is no consolation available without the prior presence of true knowledge of oneself, as well as righteous knowledge of God.

He declares what this knowledge must be and shows how, with faith in the character and presence of God, suffering does not have to be a dark experience.


Philip Power (1822-1899) - Born in Ireland and graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1846. Ordained to pastoral ministry in the Church of England, he served for ten nine years several parishes, in particular that of Worthing, in the south of the country. His health deteriorated around 1865, and disability ended his ministry. This condition kept him company for the remaining thirty-four years, during which time he wrote three small books, including this book, works that had a great impact.

Table of contents
  • Introduction
  1. Does God really console?
  2. What is stopping me from believing this?
  3. What will make me believe this?
  4. I am in pain!
  5. I'm not useful!
  6. I'm worth nothing!
  7. I envy others!
  8. I am a burden on others!
  9. I'm afraid it will last a long time!
  10. I fear loneliness!
  11. I'm afraid I will end up dishonoring God!
  12. I think about my departure from here
  • A few verses ...

Original title : A Book of Comfort
Author : Philip Power
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 120
Weight : 160 g < br> Dimensions : 13.8 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 9782914562737
Format : paperback