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<transcy>God's High Calling for Women(audiobook) (Le grand appel de Dieu pour la femme (Livre audio))</transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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** Audiobook in .mp3 format **


Women are not inferior to men. Why does the Church sometimes treat women as if they are less competent or less important than men? This shouldn't be happening.

Our current society requires women to be bold, confident, independent and competitive. They are expected to show leadership, exercise authority, provide for the needs of their families, and learn how to cope when faced with life's challenges. But what is God's call for women in the Church?

In this book, John MacArthur examines the passage from 1 Timothy 2: 9-9 to deal with important and controversial topics concerning women in the Church, as described by the apostle Paul: their attitude, their appearance, their testimony , their purpose and their contribution. He reminds us that women have a crucial role in God's plan and help strengthen every dimension of the life of the Church.

This in-depth, insightful and concise study is an excellent resource for personal or group study. It includes review questions and reflections at the end of each section.


“As you hold this book in your hands, you will probably say to yourself: 'Here is another book on the role of women! What more can he bring? ” Starting with Paul's first epistle to Timothy, John MacArthur mostly develops the historical background of this letter. As he demonstrates how the world has infiltrated the Church, he responds to the Apostle Paul's warnings to Timothy by giving him instructions that are often poorly understood today. Even if the explanations provided by the author are not always satisfactory, this little book is interesting to read because it appeals to women in a very special way. The passages often contested by women are approached taking into account their respective contexts and are made more understandable. »
- Sylvia Evans, responsible for Women of the Word (Gospel 21)

“This book is a pleasant surprise! With his unmistakable outspokenness, John MacArthur touches on the thorny question of God's plan for women. He confronts our presuppositions and invites us to study the primordial role that God has foreseen for his daughters. »
- Noémie Guerrier, law student and editor on the Christian blog La Rébellution

“Dare to confront ideologies so deeply imbued in our society today is not a simple task. This book opens the way for a biblical and clear reflection on what should be the role of women in the Church. God gives man and woman the opportunity to participate in his work but in a different way, which is, in my opinion, quite extraordinary. »
- Ofelia Bejarano, social worker, marriage and family therapist, psychotherapist

"What a joy to have read this little book on such a controversial subject these days, namely the role of women. John MacArthur is one of my favorite authors. As usual, he places the texts in context, both culturally and biblically. Having read several books on this subject, I find that he approaches difficult-to-understand texts by interpreting them in light of all of Scripture. It follows the line of other authors who have wisely analyzed the Pauline writings. I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It will be one of the books to read during my training. As I often say, and this is particularly the case with this book, “John MacArthur does not put culture over scripture” ”.
- Monique Bouchard Saulnier, Coordinator of Women's Ministries , Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Quebec (AEBEQ)

Table of contents

[1] The great call of God for the woman - 1 Timothy 2.9
[2] The great call of God for the woman - 1 Timothy 2.10,11
[3] The great call of God for the woman - 1 Timothy 2.11
[4] The great call of God for the woman - 1 Timothy 2.12-15


Original title : God's High Calling for Women
Publisher : Impact
Author : John MacArthur
Publication : September 2019
ISBN : 9782890824645
Format : MP3
Duration : 102 minutes
Read by : Tiffany Sagnol

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