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<transcy>The Drama of Scripture (Le grand récit de la Bible (eBook))</transcy>

Craig Bartholomew
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THE BIG BIBLE STORY tells the biblical story of redemption as a single, cohesive account of God's continuing work in His kingdom. Many of us have read the Bible as if it were a mosaic of small fragments. However, by reading the Bible in such a fragmented way, we ignore its divine author's intention to shape our lives through his story. In order for the Bible story to shape our lives, there are two things we need to understand: Biblical history is a compelling unity that we can depend on, and each of us has a role to play in that story.

In this book, Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen demonstrate how biblical history forms the basis of a Christian worldview. They invite us to make this history our own, to discover our place in it and to fully enjoy it.

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CRAIG G. BARTHOLOMEW (PhD, University of Bristol) is Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics (KLICE) in Cambridge, UK. He was previously professor of philosophy at Redeemer University College, Ontario.

MICHAEL W. GOHEEN (Ph.D., University of Utrecht) is Associate Professor of Mission and Theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas. He is also the director of theological education for the Missional Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona.


“Bartholomew and Goheen propose that the scriptures be read as one great story, that is, as God's vast plan for the redemption of all creation and the establishment of his Kingdom. The authors follow the flow of this account throughout the scriptures, presenting the scope of a gospel that is sufficient to meet all aspects of life. The ideas presented in this book can transform your life. »
- Paul Harris, former and responsible for development, Christian Community of Deux-rives, Quebec

“Here is a gripping introduction on how to read the Bible as a cohesive story presenting God's purposes for the world. It will not only help the beginning reader, but will also enable the experienced reader to distinguish central themes of Scripture from mere secondary aspects. »
- Gordon J. Wenham, author of Story as Torah and of Psalms as Torah

“In this book, Bartholomew and Goheen skillfully manage to present the Bible as a cohesive whole. They effectively demonstrate how the themes of the covenant and kingdom of God give scripture a consistency that helps the reader to make sense of its various parts. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a college-level textbook, but anyone who wants to enrich their understanding of the account of God's redemptive plan will benefit from reading it.
- Tremper Longman, Professor of Bible Studies, Westmont College; author of the book Introduction to the Old Testament

"This brief, yet penetrating and captivating overview of the remarkable biblical message of Creation, the Fall, and the Redemption - spanning from the book of Genesis to that of Revelation - will become a must-see. And this, not only for students who are entering theological studies, but also for all those who wish to see the biblical forest rather than just its trees. "
- Max Turner, professor of New Testament studies at the London School of Theology

“One of the major recent developments in biblical interpretation is the rediscovery of the importance of narratives. This masterful book serves as an excellent introduction for prospective students, as it combines the evangelical commitment to normative scriptural authority with a deep understanding of modern scholarship. Bartholomew and Goheen have done the Christian community a proud service by telling the story of the Bible in such a way that it will be experienced in today's world. »
- Trevor Cooling, University of Gloucestershire

"In The Great Bible Story , Bartholomew and Goheen offer a Christian reading of Biblical history, from the book of Genesis to that of Revelation. They do so in a way that reminds contemporary Christians that they too live in this story by following up on the works and words of Jesus in the world today. The result is a challenge: to reclaim the Bible as a foundation not only for Church and theology, but also for life itself. "
- Raymond Van Leeuwen, professor of Bible studies at Eastern University

“This is a timely book. Bartholomew and Goheen have put together a short and understandable presentation of all of biblical history that emphasizes both the unity of the Bible and its deep cultural relevance to the world today. This book will give a salutary shock to readers who see the Bible as a succession of independent devotional fragments focused primarily on individual morals and spirituality. He will remind them that Christ-centered scripture constitutes a consistent Word of God that questions the religious leadership underlying Western civilization. Based on deep and broad scholarship, but written for a wide readership, The Great Bible Story promises to provide an indispensable tool. Essential to the many Christians whom God has awakened to the reality of their call to serious cultural engagement, in the name of Christ, to a post-Christian world enslaved to idols of both modernism and postmodernism. "
- Albert M. Wolters, author of Creation rediscovered: the biblical foundations of a reforming worldview

Table of contents

List of figures

Prologue - The Bible in the form of a great story
First act - God establishes his kingdom: Creation
Second act - The rebellion in the kingdom: the fall
Third act - The King chooses Israel: the Redemption initiated
Entracte - The story of a kingdom awaiting its end: the intertestamentary period
Fourth act - The coming of the King: Redemption accomplished
Fifth act - Spreading the news of the King: the mission of the Church
Sixth act - The return of the King: Redemption completed

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Biblical references index


Original title : The Drama of Scripture
Author : Craig G. Bartholomew & Michael W. Goheen
Publisher : Impact Académia
ISBN : 978-2-924743-22-5
Pages : 322
Publication : May 2021
Format : eBook

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