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<transcy>The Bondage Breaker (Le libérateur)</transcy>

Neil T. Anderson
by CLÉ
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The gap between the message and the experience of the Good News remains a crucial problem in the Church.
  • How is it that Christians do not live free from sin
  • Where do the struggles and quarrels that paralyze the work of God come from?
  • What are the limits of Satan's activity in the believer?

We are engaged in a spiritual warfare and we have to be careful to understand who the enemy is and what his tactics are. Now, with an astonishing balance, this book not only makes us aware of the deceptive works of the enemy, but also offers us a strategy for combat.

We don't need more power as some claim, but we absolutely need more truth!

Neil Anderson has years of experience to his credit in accompanying Christians bound by bad habits, a heavy past, broken relationships… This new edition of his book is a total overhaul enriched by useful appendices which encourage the reader to make a personal assessment.

This book disturbs the conscience; it reveals the motives; but it also reveals to us the complete and liberating work of Jesus Christ, a truth which must be lived as much as it must be believed and understood.

Table of contents

- Part 1: Take heart!
1. Living in darkness is not inevitable
2. Finding your way in the world
3. You have every right to be free
4. You can win the fight where your thoughts are at stake
5. Confront the Rebel Prince
6. Jesus provides your cover

- Part Two: Stand Firm!
7. Manipulation of Spirits
8. The Attraction of Knowledge and Power
9. The temptation to act as you please
10. The accusations of the father of lies
11. The danger of deception
12. The danger of falling under the domination of the enemy

- Part Three: Be Free!
13. Steps to Freedom in Christ
14. How to Help Others Find Freedom in Christ
15. A final encouragement
- Appendix: additional help
- Confidential personal inventory
- Notes
- Thematic index
- About the author


Original title : The Bondage Breaker
Neil Anderson
Publisher: Éditions Clé
Publication : 2002
Pages : 366
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-2-906090-58-3
Format : paperback

Customer Reviews

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Chevalier André

Aumônier pendant 25 ans dans la prison du Camp Est à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie, ce livre m'a particulièrement aidé dans les cures d'âmes et le combat spirituel, permettant ainsi de remporter de grandes victoires à la gloire du Seigneur.