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<transcy>The book of Leviticus (Le livre du Lévitique)</transcy>

Ryerson Turnbull
by Impact
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No other book in the Bible exalts the Cross with such clarity and emphasis; it is the Old Testament gospel, the key to understanding other parts of the Bible, in short a book every Christian should know.

In a clear and well-divided method, this thirteen-lesson Bible study guide enables us to discover, alone or in groups, the book of Leviticus and the vital relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Through the central idea of ​​holiness, the author presents this book to us in the perspective of Christ's sacrifice, as well as in its didactic meaning intended for believers "in their infancy". The book of Leviticus teaches us to live a holy personal life, in communion with a holy God.

Author : Ryerson Turnbull
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 1998
ISBN : 978- 2-89082-006-7
Pages :
Dimensions :
Format : paperback
Weight : 162 g

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