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<transcy>Word-filled women's ministry (Le ministère féminin centré sur la Parole)</transcy>

Kathleen Nielson
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Men and women were created in the image of God and are meant to serve him with their whole being. The question becomes confused, however, when it comes to the role accorded to women in the Church.

This collection of essays helps women, but also church leaders, reflect on the nature of a Bible-centered ministry. A rich and varied ministry, often overlooked.

The authors explore, among other things, the importance of studying the Word and mentoring, Bible teaching on sexuality, and the role of women in the Church and in the home.

A book with rich and practical lessons. An essential resource for all those who wish to strengthen the health and vitality of the local Church.


Kathleen Nielson is married to Niel and is the Women's Ministry Manager for The Gospel Coalition. A popular speaker, she enjoys encouraging women to study the Bible for themselves.

Gloria Furman is married to Dave and has four children. They live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Gloria is also the author of several books and writes regularly on The Gospel Coalition blog.


Nourished by biblical convictions and years of experience, these women offer true reflection on discipleship, evangelism, intergenerational mentoring and compassion. Their strength is evident, their attachment to the Scriptures strong, their joy in the gospel contagious. Their expectation of final fulfillment is the compass that guides their life and service. This book, written by women to promote a “female word-centered ministry,” will benefit men as well. Let pastors read it and consider accordingly what they could do to encourage such ministry in their congregations.
- Don Carson, and New Testament teacher at Trinity evangelical divinity school

Through this book, each of the authors helps us to decenter ourselves and our aspirations, however good they may be, to constantly refocus on God and his living Word. An effective and sufficient word to educate and equip us, in order to be useful and active women for the good of those around us. My prayer is that this book will be read by as many of us as possible, but also by our church leaders. Thus, women will have a ministry rooted in the Word and supported by their local Churches for the benefit of them and the world around us.
- Rachel Bouvier, editor of Gospel 21

This book brings us back to the centrality of the word of God to our life, our commitments and our ministry. It is not only intended for women, but also for all those who are challenged by the sometimes discordant voices of our culture concerning the place of women. Being the fruit of several authors with very varied backgrounds enriches the thinking of those responsible who are concerned about the commitment and the place of women in the Church. This book inspires us to use our gifts in the Church.
- Sylvia Evans, Coordinator of Women of the Word

Through their theological and practical reflections, the authors, with their years of experience, share the vision of a ministry to women, centered on the Word. They underline the way in which the Bible defines the theological convictions on which such a ministry rests, while being its “working tool” par excellence. This book, which deals with subjects such as the place of female ministry in the local Church, the accompaniment of young women by their elders in the faith, the role of Bible study in evangelization and the transmission of this vision to other women, is relevant for us in French-speaking Europe - as much for church leaders as for the women who, themselves, will carry out this ministry.
- Deborah Prisk, missionary and ward assistant at the Baptist Church in Lagny

Women’s ministry is not about women. Neither programs. He aims for the glory of God and the health of his Church. The female ministry centered on the Word is an indispensable resource - for both men and women - to consider both the need for ministry to women and the central role of the Word; this to develop a Church in which women thrive.
- Melissa Kruger, women's ministry coordinator at Uptown church, author of The Envy of Eve

There is no doubt that the women of your churches will become disciples. But will they be disciples of the world or of the Word? This is why I am so excited about The Female Word-Centered Ministry. It's more than a book! Its designers represent a movement of teachers who help women find their hope, freedom and salvation in the gospel of Jesus Christ - as his Word reveals. I have great esteem for these authors, and I pray that you will make their exhortation to fully assume the Word your own.
- Collin Hansen, Editorial Director of The Gospel Coalition, author of Blind spots

A book on women's ministry, is it really necessary? With such a book, which studies the subject from a large number of different angles, going in depth and probing the Scriptures, the question no longer arises. The women who wrote this book make a very comprehensive study of the many facets of female ministry, far from idealistic or claiming theories, but with the simplicity of a sincere search for the will of God. Whether you have little or a lot of experience in ministering to women, let yourself be surprised and taken up by the reflections that reading this book will provoke.
- Rachel Yates, missionary at the Foyer Évangélique Universitaire de Besançon

I imagine, through the richness of this book, the Master as a composer directing his unique and perfect work, written for the whole world. In the score, a line is written for all those who wish to invest in him. From the first violin to the triangle, nothing is missing. Men, women, children of all ages and cultures practice, one eye fixed on the score, the other on the conductor. Beginners imitate the more experienced who encourage them. The beauty of the work is striking despite a few wrong notes. The enthusiasm of the musicians glorifies the Master and attracts other music lovers to the orchestra. Let's practice for the final heavenly concert! How? 'Or' What ? This book gives us valuable leads!
- Ursula Herrmann, missionary in France for Christ

Table of contents


Part One - The Heart of Women's Ministry

1. The Word at the Center
Kathleen Nielson

2. What the Word Says About Women
Claire Smith

3. Passing on the Word
Carrie Sandom

Part Two - Women's Ministry in Contexts

4. In the Local Church
Cindy Cochrum

5. In the world around us
Gloria Furman

6. To the ends of the earth
Keri Folmar

Part Three - Problems Encountered in Women's Ministry

7. Young people and their elders
Susan Hunt and Kristie Anyabwile

8. Sexual Integrity
Ellen Mary Dykas

9. Gifts and talents
Kathleen Nielson and Gloria Furman

Part Four - The End of Women's Ministry

10. Supreme goals
Nancy Guthrie

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Original title : Word-filled women's ministry: Loving and serving the church
: BLF Éditions
Author : Kathleen Nielson
ISBN : 978-2-362494-26-0
Pages : 320
Publication : May 2018
Dimensions : 15 x 22.5 cm
Format : paperback
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