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<transcy>The Walk (eBook) (Le parcours du disciple (eBook))</transcy>

Stephen Smallman
by Impact
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The stages of the Christian walk

The Disciple's Journey is a book for those who have expressed a desire to follow Christ, whether they are renewed disciples or new disciples . Like these, those who have grown in the Christian faith and now want to stand up for Christ need to learn how to apply the gospel in their lives. The author does not take for granted that the reader already knows what it means to "be a disciple of Jesus", nor that he is ready to make a profession of faith. It's just for anyone wondering what the next step is.

The Discipleship Journey is both a reference book and a study guide that includes exercises and readings that will make it useful for a group or in a mentoring setting.

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Table of contents

First part: The basics
1. What is a disciple?
2. Should I go to church?
3. Learning to read the Bible and to pray

Part 2: Becoming a disciple through the Gospel
Step 1: Knowing the Gospel
4. The Gospel of God
Second step: knowing what led us to the gospel
5. The Call to Salvation and the Call to Become a Disciple
6. Conversion
Step Three: Know the Benefits of Believing in the Gospel (Gospel Doctrines)
7. A new dossier: the justification
8. New Life: Sanctification and Adoption
9. A New Future: Glorification
Step Four: Live a Gospel Life (Obey the Gospel)
10. Faith Expressed in Love
11. The Gospel Changes Everything

Part Three: Following Jesus in His Mission
12. Disciples who form other disciples

The final word for new and renewed disciples of Jesus: What to do now?
< br> Appendix 1: Additional Reading and Resources
Appendix 2: “Gentlemen, We Would See Jesus” - A 15 Week Reading Plan as an Introduction to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ
Appendix 3: A Message to all disciples who are committed to making other disciples

Original title: The Walk: Steps for new and renewed followers of Jesus
: Impact
Author : Stephen Smallman
Publication : 2014
Pages : 237
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Format : eBook
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