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<transcy>The freedom and power of forgiveness (eBook) (Le pardon (eBook))</transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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For the heart that refuses to forgive, intimacy with God and love of others is impossible.

You will forgive seventy times seven times ... Forgive one another ... Turn the other cheek to him too ... Forgive as Christ forgave you. These are familiar phrases from the Scriptures that haunt us and that we often awkwardly quote to those who have been hurt. But do we really take the issue of forgiveness for ourselves seriously? God takes her very seriously - so much so that he leaves us no choice in the matter. When we forgive, we gain freedom, spiritual power, the healing of our hurt feelings, and the possibility of sweet fellowship.

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Since 1969, John MacArthur has served as a pastor-teacher at Grace Community Church, a church in Sun Valley, California. His ministry of preaching by exhibition is unmatched in scope and influence; during the four decades of ministry in the same Church, he exposed verse by verse the entire New Testament (as well as several key sections of the Old Testament). He is the president of The Master’s University and Seminary. It can be heard daily on the Grace to You radio show (broadcast on hundreds of radio stations around the world). He is the author of a number of bestsellers, including The Holy Bible with Commentaries by John MacArthur and The Gospel According to Jesus.

Table of contents


1. The Foundation of All Forgiveness
2. The prayer of Christ in agony
3. If we confess our sins
4. Put it on my account
5. Reciprocal forgiveness
6. As God Has Forgiven You
7. If your brother has sinned
8. The Blessings of Forgiveness
9. Answers to the tough questions about forgiveness

Appendix One: How Should We Understand the Atonement?
Appendix Two : What is Unpardonable Sin?
Appendix Three: Two Classic Sermons on Forgiveness
CH Spurgeon: Forgiveness Made Easy
Alexander MacLaren: The Son of Man Merciful


Index of biblical references

General index

Full title : The freedom and power of forgiveness
Original title : The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness
Author : MacArthur, John
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 1999
ISBN : 978-2-89082-482-9
Pages : 273
Format : eBook

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