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God's plan for Israel and the Church (Le plan de Dieu pour  Israël et l'Église (eBook))

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Available: October 2021

Since the Bible is the revelation of God given in written languages, it is important to give priority to the Bible text itself for proper interpretation. To put it another way, our interpretation must rest first and foremost on the firm conviction that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. This is why we sometimes speak of the verbal (words) and full (all words) inspiration of the scriptures.

In this work, the author presents the method of interpretation known as " literal, grammatical and historical " as the best approach to fully understand the Word of God since it has the merit of letting the text speak for itself. He underlines the main theological conclusions drawn from the application of this method of interpretation in the field of Bible prophecy, and then uses it to demonstrate the distinction that exists between Israel and the Church in the course of the progressive revelation of God.


Gilles Despins exercises a teaching ministry within the Assemblies of Brothers through the Francophonie. He holds a doctorate in divinity from Tyndale Theological Seminary, a doctorate in New Testament philosophy from South African Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in ministry from Masters Seminary. In 2009, he was recommended to full-time work to serve the Lord as an academic dean and teacher in the ProFAC Bible training program.


Author : Gilles Despins
Publisher: Impact Académia
Publication : October 2021
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback