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<transcy>The preacher and his message (Le prédicateur et son message)</transcy>

Alfred P. Gibbs
by Impact
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The approach used in this exceptional book on preaching and the preacher makes it a different book from others on the same subject. It is intended for readers who feel called to preach the Word of God. The author is both a non-professional and a gifted and competent minister of the Word.

He approaches his subject with great clarity and simplicity, never using complicated theological jargon. The preacher and his message is both comprehensive and practical. Any aspiring preacher, whether young or old, experienced or novice, will certainly benefit from picking up a copy of this book.

Table of contents

1. The qualifications of the preacher
2. The qualifications of the preacher (continued)
3. The preacher's qualifications (continued)
4. The preacher's qualifications (continued)
5. The vocation of the preacher
6. The Need to Preach
7. The need to preach (continued)
8. The need to preach (continued)
9. The support of the preacher
10. The dangers that await the preacher
11. Preaching and its structure: definition
12. Preaching and its structure: the text
13. Preaching and its structure: the theme
14. Preaching and Its Structure: An Introduction
15. Preaching and Its Structure: Development
16. Preaching and its structure: the conclusion
17. Ways of Delivering Him from Preaching
18. Types of Sermons: Personal Witness
19. Types of sermons: Preaching through the text
20. Types of sermons: Textual preaching
21. Types of sermons: Thematic preaching
22. Types of sermons: Preaching about a historical incident
23. Types of sermons: Biographical sermons
24. The title of the sermon
25. Preparation for preaching
26. Preparation of the preaching plan
27. Preparation of Illustrations and Plan of Preaching
28. Gathering the Material: Choosing Books
29. Collect Material: By Subjects
30. Gathering the Material: Arranging a Bookcase
31. The Presentation of Preaching
32. The Presentation of Preaching: The Ways
33. The Presentation of Preaching: Language (Part One)
34. The Presentation of Preaching: Language (Part Two)
35. The Presentation of the Preaching: The Voice
36. The Presentation of the Preaching: The Audience
37. The presentation of the preaching: the theme
38. The talk of preaching: the results
39. Public Reading of the Scriptures
40. Criticism of Preaching
41. Public prayer
Index of biblical references
Subject index

Original title : The Preacher and His Preaching
Author : Alfred P. Gibbs
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-148-4
Publication : 2012
Pages : 437
Weight : 598 g
Dimensions : 6 x 9 inches
Format : paperback
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