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<transcy>The Problem of Evil and Suffering (eBook) (Le problème du mal et de la souffrance (eBook))</transcy>

Guillaume Bignon
by Impact
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How do you believe in an almighty and perfectly good God when there is so much evil in this world? The existence of evil is thus used by atheists to offer a philosophical argument against the existence of God. This book presents the elements necessary for a solid answer to the problem of evil argument, introducing essential philosophical concepts, but at an accessible level. Evil is both an intellectual puzzle and an existential crisis, but it is possible for the Christian to provide some answers that can satisfy both the demands of the mind and the heart.
Guillaume Bignon is a Christian philosopher and apologist. Born in France, he studied mathematics and physics there before moving to New York to work in financial computing on Wall Street. Once a staunch atheist, he developed a passion for Christian apologetics after his unlikely and providential conversion to the Christian faith. He continued his studies and obtained a doctorate in philosophical theology under the supervision of Paul Helm, at the London School of Theology. Guillaume is a member of the Axiome Association. He is particularly interested in the metaphysics of free will, as well as natural theology and epistemology.
Author : Guillaume Bignon
Publisher : Impact
Publication : March 2017
ISBN : 978-2- 89082-408-9
Pages : 48
Format : eBook

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