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<transcy>God's Good Design (Le projet bienvaillant de Dieu pour elle et lui)</transcy>

Claire Smith
by CLÉ
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What is God's plan for women and for men? What does the Bible say about relationships between men and women in the Church and in marriage?

In this book, it is a woman who answers these burning questions bluntly. To achieve this, she explains all the biblical texts concerned by placing them in their original context. Courageously, she draws the concrete implications for today. But Claire Smith's approach is also very personal: she tells frankly her own journey and the unexpected evolution of her conception of women. Once a feminist convinced that nothing intended to write a book on the complementary roles of man and woman, today she celebrates, to her own surprise, God's benevolent project.


Claire Smith first worked as an oncology and palliative care nurse. Then she took theological training at Moore Theological College, where she obtained her doctorate in New Testament. She is a speaker, author and teacher of the Bible among women.

Why read the book?

  • To understand the role of women in the Church and in the couple.
  • To analyze the controversial passages on women.
  • To better live your life as a Church and as a couple as a man or a woman.
  • To understand the role distinctions between a man and a woman.

Highlights of the book

  • Written by a demanding, learned and experienced woman.
  • Brings a balanced and in-depth view of a controversial subject.
  • Emphasizes the biblical text and not ideological biases.
  • The author experimented with the different positions before consolidating his conviction.


  • Any woman wishing to know what she can or cannot do in the Church / couple.
  • Any woman who wants to fully live her role of wife according to the Bible.
  • Any man wishing to encourage his wife to take a stand.
  • Any leader who seeks a biblical and balanced position on the subject.
  • Anyone single, divorced or married but believing or interested in the biblical vision.

"If this book can help Christians filter out cultural a priori and ambient pragmatism in the light of biblical texts, it can only lead to wonder at the benevolent intention of God. »
- Mike Evans, Gospel 21 Coordinator


Original title: God’s Good Design. What the Bible Really Says about Men and Women
Claire Smith
Publisher : Clé
Publication: May 2014
Pages : 256
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
ISBN: 978-2-35843-037-1
Weight: 292 g

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