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<transcy>The Method of Grace (Le Saint-Esprit et l'application du salut)</transcy>

John Flavel
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Previously posted under the title: He will talk about Christ

The salvation which the Father designed in eternity and which the Son accomplished during his sojourn here and on the cross does not benefit the elect of God unless the Spirit of God applies them. benefits of this work in the heart of each one by an invincible and marvelous power.

This aspect of salvation is for many a great unknown and vague outlines, even for sincere and devoted believers. Yet it is crucial, hence the importance of examining its elements and understanding it in its impact on the lives of those whom God has loved from all eternity. Indeed, the powerful work of the Spirit allows the believer to enter into the inheritance of God and it transforms his life completely.

Far from confining himself to purely intellectual and theological study, the author clearly defines biblical truth before applying it with evangelical fervor. The eternal destiny of his fellows and his brothers is very close to his heart, as well as their spiritual well-being in the Christian walk.

The reader will therefore find in these pages what to discover the richness of the Savior and what to search his soul. Such an examination will enable him to test his faith, to test it and to enrich it with knowledge of God's purpose.

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John Flavel (1627-1691) - Pastor at a time when his country, England, was rocked by deep political turmoil, he studied at the prestigious University of Oxford before holding several pastoral posts in the county of Devon and London. Contemporary to a whole galaxy of big names in the annals of the Church, he was known for his pastoral care, a spirit of peace and reconciliation, and his predilection for practical theology. He is the author of many, many very in-depth books.

Table of contents

1. The Application of Salvation to the Elect of God
2. The Believer's Union with Christ
3. The Ministry of the Gospel, an External Means
4. The Effective Attraction of the Father
5. The Quickening Work of the Spirit
6. The Act of Faith That Brings Salvation
7. Faith to salvation (continued)
8. The believer's communion with Christ


Original title : The Method of Grace
Author : John Flavel
Publisher: Europresse
Publication : March 2021
ISBN : 9781914156007
Pages : 236
Dimensions : 5.43 x 8.5
Format : paperback
Weight : 280 g

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