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<transcy>The Secret of the Believer's Growth and Maturity (Le secret de la croissance et de la maturité du croyant)</transcy>

Saint-Ange Monestime
by Impact
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Are you satisfied with your spiritual state?

Spiritual growth is essential to our Christian life. Every believer should desire to grow in his walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. However, we often find it difficult to commit to tackling the things that stand in the way of our growth and maturity.

In this book, Pastor Saint-Ange Monestime addresses essential topics that can help every Christian who puts them into practice to experience growth and maturity in their Christian life. He explains that growing to maturity is an inescapable Christian duty and that it is urgent to move from immaturity to maturity in order to benefit from the blessings God has in store for us.

By examining different aspects of a believer's growth and maturity, this book will help you grow spiritually and mature in the faith, while equipping yourself to help others do the same.


Saint-Ange Monestime (Ph. D., M. Min., M. A. R.) is the senior pastor of the Baptist Church of Hope in Cap-Haitien (Haiti). As a speaker, he conducts training seminars on evangelism, Christian education and Christian leadership in several evangelical churches in Haiti and abroad. He is also professor and president of the Biblical Theological Seminary of Hope of Cap-Haitien (STBEC).


Author : Saint-Ange Monestime
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-504-8
Dimensions : 6 "x9"
Format : paperback

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