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<transcy> Everyday Talk about Sex and Marriage (Le sexe et le mariage- Comment en parler aux enfants ?)</transcy>

Comment en parler aux enfants ?

John Younts
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Sex & marriage is for parents of teenagers or future teenagers. The chapters, short and simple, are based on real discussions between a father and his son. The authors present six sample conversations to help and encourage parents to address the difficult topics surrounding sex and marriage. The advice they offer is both wise and practical.


John A. (Jay) Younts is the author of numerous books on parenting education and the Christian life. He is a regular contributor to the Shepherd Press blog and has been teaching for over 30 years on family topics.

“There isn't a single parent who wouldn't benefit greatly from this book. In addition to presenting your child with a biblical view of sex, he will also help you, as a parent, to adopt that same view. This is an ingenious, practical, gospel-infused manual that explains how to talk to your children about sexuality in a world that has become sexually imbalanced. Don't delay ordering this book! »
- Paul David Tripp, author of the book Being parents

"I just read this book by Jay Younts and it is really excellent!" It offers a unique response to a challenge that every parent will have to face, namely that of talking about sexuality and marriage to their children. »
- Charles D. Hodges, family physician and Bible counselor

Table of contents


First part
1. Talking about sex and marriage with your children
2. When to talk about sex and marriage
3. What to talk about?
4. What to talk about?
5. What about sexual attraction?
6. Love yourself before you know yourself
7. Celebrate sexual purity
8. Application: Safe sex is an urban legend
9. Application: thoughts on personal pleasure and masturbation

Second part
10. A first conversation
11. Conversation About Women
12. Conversation About Sex and Babies
13. Conversation About Self-Control
14. Conversation About Periods
15. Conversation about masturbation


Original title : Everyday Talk about Sex and Marriage
Author : John A. Younts
Publisher : Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924595-55-8
Publication : April 2019
Pages : 92
Weight : 125 g
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback

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Quand, comment, pourquoi parler de la sexualité à ses enfants qui sont confrontés à des informations multiples sur la sexualité, généralement fort éloignées de l’intention de Celui qui l’a créée ? Ce livre montre qu’il est de la responsabilité des parents d’apporter la saine information, même si cela n’est pas facile. Les auteurs donnent des pistes utiles pour aborder ce thème difficile. Ils ne sous-entendent pas que les relations sexuelles n’ont que le but de la procréation, mais ils insistent sur le fait qu’elles n’ont leur place que dans le cadre du mariage.