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Paul's vision for the Deacons (Les diacres, qu'en dit la Bible ?)

by Impact
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What does Scripture really teach about deacons and their role in the Church?

Opinions about the role of deacons are innumerable among evangelical Christians. For some, deacons are those who sit on the board of the Church; for others, it is those who take care of the maintenance of the grounds and the building of the Church. In this book, Alexander Strauch encourages deacons and church leaders to examine what they say and do in light of what Scripture actually teaches (or does not teach) about deacons.

Regardless of our perspective, the author urges us to study in detail the biblical data concerning deacons and to let Scripture guide our thinking. With God's help, Alexander Strauch’s approach seeks to build a broader consensus around the role of deacons in churches faithful to Scripture.


Alexander Strauch (M. Div., Denver Seminary) is an American author and lecturer. For over forty years he has taught the Bible and served as an elder at Littleton Bible Chapel Church near Denver, Colorado. Married and father of four daughters, he is also the author of several books translated into French, including The ancients, what does the Bible say about it? and Directing with love .

Table of contents

What do deacons do?

Part 1 - What are the biblical foundations for deacons?

1. Paul's Guidelines Regarding Deacons

Part Two - Bishops and Deacons

Chapter 2 - Church Leaders: Elders
Chapter 3 - Deacons: Elders' Assistants
Chapter 4 - Helping Elders Care for the Church of God

Part Three - Qualification Criteria, Testing and Rewards for Deacons

Chapter 5 - Qualifying criteria for deacons
Chapter 6 - A test
Chapter 7 - Women
Chapter 8 - Marriage, children and the home
Chapter 9 - The rewards

Appendix - The deacons Wives

Index of authors
Index of biblical references
Index of subjects


Original title: Paul's vision for the Deacons
Author : Alexander Strauch
Publisher: Impact
Publication: October 2018
ISBN : 978-2-89082-323-5
Pages: 191
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format: paperback
Weight: 232 g

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Customer Reviews

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Danny Therrien
Un très bon survol

Je connaissais déjà M. Strauch puisque j'avais lu LES ANCIENS, QU'EN DIT LA BIBLE? Après avoir lu quelques ouvrages au sujet des diacres, j'avais hâte de voir comment il allait exposer les données bibliques sur le sujet; j'avais surtout envie de savoir comment il abordait le délicat sujet du diaconat féminin. J'ai apprécié son approche, sa rigueur et son honnêteté: il ne craint pas d'exprimer sa façon de percevoir les données des écritures et de nous parler des objections qui pourraient être portées contre les éléments qu'il présente. Il ne s'agit pas d'une étude très approfondie, mais ce survol des différents points m'a grandement satisfait.