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<transcy>Men and Women in the Church: A Short, Biblical, Practical Introduction (Les hommes et les femmes dans l'Église)</transcy>

Une introduction brève, biblique et concrète

Kevin DeYoung
by Impact
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When God created humanity, he made men and women. It is more important than ever to recognize this truth.

Created for each other, but distinct from each other, men and women are not interchangeable: they are designed to function in a divine complementarity. When this design is misunderstood, ignored or misused, the consequences are disastrous.

Men and women complement each other - especially in marriage, but also in life in general. This biblical truth is immutable and universal. From beginning to end, the biblical story - and God's entire plan for creation - depends on the distinction between men and women. Men and Women in the Church explains how the divinely designed complementarity of men and women applies to different facets of life and, in particular, to ministry in the church.

Kevin DeYoung (PhD, University of Leicester) is the senior pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina. He is also associate professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary and a board member of the Gospel Coalition.

"The author has taken into account the audience that will read this book. It is concise and understandable to all. He begins his presentation with the creation order and maintains it to the end. He explicitly demonstrates that the Bible presents the same message from Genesis to the letters to the churches. I appreciate the fact that Kevin DeYoung does not avoid controversial issues and takes the time to explain them in light of the exegesis of the biblical texts. I like the thread of the book that follows the history of the world through the scriptures. I recommend this book to all women who want to know God's plan for humanity in the very essence of their creation."
- Monique Bouchard Saulnier, coordinator of women's ministries at the Association d'Églises Baptistes Évangéliques au Québec (AEBEQ); teacher at the Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec (SEMBEQ)

"This book adopts a clear style, offers treasures of wisdom on many themes - and does so in a few pages. It is without a doubt the book I will recommend from now on on the issue of men and women in the church. Even when I don't necessarily agree with every conclusion the author makes, I can recognize that he has represented all positions fairly. Do your church, as well as yourself, a great favor: read this book and buy copies to distribute."
- Mark Dever, pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church; president,

"Kevin DeYoung set out to write a book on the divine design of complementarity between men and women. He wanted it to be marked by exegetical integrity and minimal use of technical jargon, to be heavier than a pamphlet and lighter than a doorstop. It has met, and exceeded, its goal. Men and Women in the Church is easy to read, easy to access, and while it is concise, it manages to address the main texts and the most frequently asked questions. It is an excellent introduction to the treasures the Bible wants to teach us about two topics: men and women on the one hand, and, on the other, what the life of a faithful Christian might look like today."
- Claire Smith, New Testament scholar; author of God's Benevolent Plan for Her and Him

"This book will be the first on the list of those I will recommend to people who want to learn more about the teaching of Scripture regarding the role of men and women, whether in marriage or in the church. With our busy lives, we sometimes find it difficult to find time to read; this brief presentation, however, can be read in an evening. Don't let the size fool you - you're holding in your hands a vintage Kevin DeYoung, filled with solid exegesis and faithful theology. I was amazed to discover the treasures of wisdom in this short book. Everything in it will be helpful to you, but the practical application section alone is worth the price of the book."
- Thomas R. Schreiner, professor of New Testament exegesis and the James Buchanan Harrison Chair, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Using the biblical passages most relevant to the issue of men and women in the church, Kevin DeYoung holds our full attention from beginning to end. His desire is to enable us to see and understand not only what God is saying in the text, but also in what sense this divine word is for our good. He never avoids the tough questions, nor does he try to make excuses.

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Concis, efficace

Ici, l'auteur fait une réflexion sur certains points qui ne sont pas souvent touchés dans les ouvrages sur cette question. Ce livre est bref, mais atteint le but.

Monique Saulnier

Ce livre est tout à fait pertinent. Je le suggère dans la liste des lectures pour le cours Philosophie chrétienne de la femme. Il est cours, concis et ne s'embarrasse pas d'une multitude d'explications sans laisser de côté le sens biblique des versets. Il touche presque tous les sujets bibliques de la femme. Je le recommande à toute personne qui désire en connaître davantage.