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<transcy>Mighty to Save (Les miracles de Jésus)</transcy>

Richard Phillips
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The miracles that the Lord Jesus performed during his stay on earth have always fascinated people. Even though it is almost impossible to imagine what the reality was for the spectators and beneficiaries of these miracles, one cannot help but feel the power again.

The miracles performed by the Lord do not only serve to reduce suffering among men. Through simple yet profound and vivid studies, the author demonstrates how they point to Jesus himself, the one whom God sent into the world to accomplish the redemption of his people. He explains how these mighty acts speak of an even greater work, which is in fact the great reason for Jesus' coming here on earth. That is why the link between the cross and each of Jesus' miracles must remain close and alive.


Richard Phillips: Coming from a military family, he also became an officer. After a radical conversion, he worked in evangelism at the prestigious military school of West Point. Called to pastoral ministry, he was assistant to Pastor James Montgomery Boyce before being called by the Presbyterian Church in Greenville, United States. He is a speaker at many meetings, one of the leaders of the Alliance des Évangéliques Confessants and has written several books, some of which have been translated into French ("Le test de la faith"; "Tu want my hand, but do you want my heart ? ”).

Table of contents

1. The Significance of Miracles Luke 4: 14-44
2. "I want it" Luke 5: 12-16
3. The Authority to Forgive Luke 5: 17-26
4. “Say a Word” Luke 7: 1-10
5. "Cry no more" Luke 7: 11-17
6. Lord of the Storm Luke 8: 22-25
7. The Restored Man Luke 8: 26-39
8. Weeping and Laughter Luke 8: 40-56
9. Five thousand men at the table Luke 9: 12-17
10. Miracles and the Cross Luke 9: 37-45
11. Opposition to miracles Luke 11: 14-26
12. The Man Who Gave Thanks Luke 17: 11-19
13. The blind man recovers his sight Luke 18: 35-43


Original title : Mighty to Save
Author : Richard Phillips
Publisher : Europresse
​​Publication : 2002
Pages : 231
ISBN : 978-2-914562-08-9
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 284 g

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