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<transcy>The Essential Means of Grace (eBook) (Les moyens de grâce essentiels (eBook))</transcy>

Paul Washer
by Impact
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Too often Christians wait for an extraordinary outpouring of the Spirit to come and correct all their spiritual ailments. While such a revival is possible, it is not the way God normally grows His Church.

In The Essential Means of Grace , Paul Washer examines the three fundamental gifts that God grants to believers for their spiritual growth: the scriptures, prayer, and participation in the life and ministry of the Church. 'Local Church. Our desire to live an extraordinary experience should never lead us to neglect the ordinary means that God gives us for our sanctification. Rather, let us devote ourselves to these ordinary means of grace, and depend on the Spirit that we may become like and useful to Christ in extraordinary ways.

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PAUL WASHER was a missionary in Peru for ten years. During this time, he founded the HeartCry Missionary Society ministry to support church planters in this country. Today Paul works full time in this ministry. He and his wife, Charo, have four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan and Bronwyn.


"What a joy to know that this book by Paul Washer is now available for the French-speaking Church! The "means of grace" which were so precious to the faith of the believers who came before us are sadly despised, unknown or forgotten by many Christians today ... Whether you are an experienced disciple of Jesus, or you are a newborn in faith, I am sure you will benefit immensely from reading this little book! The Western Church does not need to discover new methods, but she does need to rediscover and re-appreciate what God has already given her in His generous provision. This is what this author does with accuracy and simplicity in this book. "
- Mathieu Gauthier, pastor at the Evangelical Church of Today, member of the Council of Sola; member of the Axiome


"The author of the Book of Hebrews urges Christians to pursue" sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord "(Heb 12:14). Thus, growth in Christ is not an option reserved for the elite. On the contrary, it is rather a standard of life for all those who confess to know him. This is why this subject has always been treated with great attention in the history of the Church. However, much of what is written and preached these days is, in my opinion, just a Christianized version of contemporary psychology and sociology. That’s why I warmly recommend this little book by Paul Washer, which helps us return to the scriptures so that we can only use the simple means God gives us to grow in His knowledge and manifest His holiness in our lives. By conviction and experience, therefore, I am confident that those who pursue sanctification through the ordinary means of grace, as described in this book, may further experience the unparalleled joy of the Spirit of Christ. "
- VINCENT LEMIEUX, senior pastor of the Christian Assembly of
Rouyn ‑ Noranda

“Every page of this book has found a warm echo in my heart. The author presents in a brief and clear, direct and energetic, serious and pleasant manner, the path chosen by God to ensure an authentic and lasting spiritual life. Based on the testimony of my Bible, my experience and my conscience, I believe that Paul Washer identified the essential remedies for most of our spiritual ailments. I pray that this reminder concerning the means of grace will do good to my soul as well as to the souls of the people I love so that the glory of God may shine in his Church. I believe that we should all seek to practice these essential remedies, because we all need them. »
- JEREMY WALKER, pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church

Table of contents

1. Means of Grace
2. The Scriptures
3. Prayer
4. Repentance and Confession
5. The Church
6. An apology for simplicity


Original title : The Essential Means of Grace
Author : Paul Washer
Publisher : Impact
Publication : September 2021
ISBN : 978-2-89082-458-4
Format : eBook

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Un livre à ne pas manquer!

Comme tous les livre de Paul Washer, celui-ci est excellent! Très pertinent pour l’Église d’aujourd’hui, ce livre nous ramène à la simplicité et l’efficacité des moyens de grâces simples et ordinaires, tels que la Parole, la prière et l’Église. Ce court livre donne un amour pour ces moyens de grâce et un désir de les utiliser dans notre vie quotidienne. Un livre à ne pas manquer!