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<transcy>The Check Book of the Bank of Faith (Les trésors de la foi)</transcy>

Charles Spurgeon
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It is often said that the tastiest oil is the one resulting from the most complete crushing. If so, then the meditations in this book have a premium flavor.

When Charles Spurgeon began writing it on a Monday in 1887 when it was raining on the town of Menton, he was a man gripped by pain and disease (he only had five years to live). In addition, he found himself embroiled in a bitter and vicious controversy over which he had to defend the integrity of Scripture. A particularly sensitive temperament, he suffered deeply from the pain that these difficulties caused.

What to do in such a situation? What can a child of God do then, if not turn to God and, above all, to the promises of his Word, which have always been shown to be true? Yes, like a real child, Spurgeon believed the promises and took his Heavenly Father at his word.

As a result, the Church of Christ has been greatly enriched by reading these pages, which unveil to it the treasures of faith. A secular mind will see it as wishful thinking, but the believer knows his God better than that. There he will discover an infinite love expressed in Jesus Christ for the people of the covenant.

If this writing began on a rainy day, may the resulting blessings continue into the living room where there are no more days and the divine sun shines with perfect brilliance.


Original title : The Check Book of the Bank of Faith
Author : Charles Spurgeon
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 384
Weight : 452 g
Publication : 1999
Dimensions : 13 , 7 x 21.6 cm
ISBN : 978-2-906287-90-7
Format : paperback

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