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<tc>Essential Theology (L'essentiel de la théologie chrétienne)</tc>

Fred G. Zaspel
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Available: September 2022  
The essays collected in this book fall into eight broad categories: the revelation of God; the attributes of God; Creation and Man; Jesus Christ, the Son of God; the Holy Spirit; the redemption of Man; the Church; and the end times.
Each essay has been written to be understandable and accessible to those without formal theological training, while remaining a useful resource for theological students. The texts contain few footnotes, and all Hebrew and Greek words quoted are not only transliterated, but also explained.
Unlike most systematic theology textbooks, which present you with the analyses of a single author in over 1,000 pages, this book gives you access to the theological reflections from 30 different authors in less than 500 pages. The 51 essays that have been collected in this book present themselves as a collection of orthodox theological resources for everyone to use.
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Edited by
Fred G. Zaspel (Ph.D., Free University of Amsterdam) is pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church in Franconia, Pennsylvania. He is assistant professor of systematic theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and editor of Books At a Glance. He has published numerous books, pamphlets, articles and book reviews.
Table of Contents
Part One: God's Revelation
1 Divine Revelation: God Makes Himself Known
2 The biblical covenants
3 The Law of God
4 The Biblical Canon
5 The Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture
6 The sufficiency of Scripture
7 The Kingdom of God
Part Two: The Attributes of God
8 God's Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence
9 The Glory of God
10 God the Creator
11 God's holiness
12 The justice of God
13 The sovereignty of God
14 The love of God
15 God as Father
Part Three: Creation and Man
16 The doctrine of Creation
17 The doctrine of Man
18 The nature of sin
19 The problem of evil
Part Four - Jesus Christ, the Son of God
20 Christ in the Old Testament
21 The incarnation and the two natures of Christ
22 The virgin birth of Jesus Christ
23 Jesus, the Messiah
24 The life of Christ
25 The death of Christ
Part Five - The Holy Spirit
26 The Holy Spirit: The Agent of Salvation
27 Baptism and the Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Believer
28 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Part Six - The Redemption of Man
29 Election
30 Redemption
31 Regeneration
32 Atonement by substitution
33 Propitiation
34 Justification
35 Imputation
36 Adoption
37 Union with Christ
38 Sanctification
39 The Christian life
40 Preservation and perseverance
41 Glorification: The Eternal Condition of the Redeemed
Part Seven - The Church
42 The Universal Church and the Local Church
43 The Gathered Church
44 Water Baptism
45 The Lord's Supper
46 The Unity of the Church
47 Biblical Evangelism
Part Eight - The End Times
48 The Day of the Lord
49 The Resurrection
50 The Last Judgment
51 The New Heaven and the New Earth
Original title: Essential Theology
Edited by : Fred G. Zaspel
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication date : September 2022
ISBN : 978-2-925131-60-1
Pages : 454
Dimensions : 6 "x9"
Format : Paperback

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Livre interessant

Ce livre m'a surpris (de manière positive bien sur). Il expose l'essentiel de la doctrine chrétienne. Il est clair, précis et édifiant. Gloire à Dieu pour l'édition de ce livre.