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What is the Bible really about? This book seems so voluminous, so difficult to understand, that it seems impenetrable. Where to start?

We have selected around twenty extracts that will allow you to discern the common thread of this remarkable book in 12 sessions. A series of questions will allow you to better understand each theme in order to draw concrete and personal applications. You will discover "the big story" in a friendly way in a small group or individually.

For group leaders, we offer "tutorial videos" to help you facilitate the sessions.

Let the text give the answers and rediscover with your friends how relevant the great story of the Bible is to us today.


  • An approach similar to The - 7 signs
  • Content that has already proven its worth in supporting people in research
  • A global vision of the Bible is presented
  • Each participant has their own notebook

Author : Florent Varak
Publisher : BLF Éditions / Majestart
Publication : June 2019
Pages : 54
ISBN: 978-2-36249-481-9
Dimensions : 14.8 x 21 cm
Format : stapled binding
Weight : 100 g

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