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<transcy>The Gospel as it Really Is (L'Évangile, ni plus, ni moins)</transcy>

Stuart Olyott
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The message of the letter to the Romans

No other portion of Scripture has perhaps had a more profound influence on the history of the Christian Church than Paul's Epistle to the Romans. Because the apostle was unable to attend the local assembly in Rome, the whole Church throughout all ages has benefited by having this remarkable exposition of the gospel of God. It is therefore understandable why almost all revivals have sprung from a rediscovery of this epistle. Endless wisdom and mercy!

"You can't read or study it too often or too well," said Martin Luther. The more you dive into it, the more pleasure you get and the more you taste it. "

In these pages, the author offers everyone an introduction to this great letter. In its lively and simple style, it enters the heart of the message, without shying away from the great impactful truths that this document contains. In doing so, he exalts the infinite and sovereign mercy of God towards sinful man which is manifested in the cross of his Son. Stemming from his ministry of preaching, his exposition contains a very practical quality for the life of the Christian in the modern world.


Stuart Olyott - After serving many years as pastor, in Liverpool and Lausanne, he served as pastoral director of the Evangelical Movement of Wales. He also taught at Bryntirion, the Welsh college of evangelical theology, before leading a very active retreat. He is the author of numerous books, many of which have been translated into French.

Table of contents


Part 1: The Gospel, no more, no less

1. Who, what and why? (1: 1-17)
2. The Sin of Man and the Wrath of God (1: 18-32)
3. Judgment (2: 1-16)
4. "It will never happen to me" (2: 17-29)
5. Some Objections and a Verdict (3: 1-20)
6. The Gospel reveals the only way to salvation (3: 21-31)
7. An example of justification in the Old Testament (ch. 4)
8. With justification comes blessings (5: 1-11)
9. The first and the last Adam (5: 12-21)

Part two: All things have become new

10. The Old and the New Teachers (6: 1-14)
11. Slavery and Freedom (6: 14-7: 6)
12. The Christian's Past and Present Experience (7: 7-25)
13. The Normal Christian Life (8: 1-17)
14. Suffering Present - A Prelude to Glory (8: 18-39)
15. The Israel of God (9: 1-29)
16. The proclamation of salvation (9: 30-10: 21)
17. Is God done with the Jews? - I (11: 1-16)
18. Is God done with the Jews? - II (11: 17-36)

Part Three: Living the Christian Life

19. God's will (ch. 12)
20. The Christian and the State (13: 1-7)
21. Christian Behavior in Society (13: 8-14)
22. Differences of Conscience (ch. 14)
23. Authentic Fellowship (15: 1-13)
24. Paul's work and plans (15: 14-33)
25. Some Christians of the Early Church (16: 1-16)
26. Concluding observations (16: 17-27)


Original title : The Gospel as it Really Is
Author : Stuart Olyott
Publisher : Europresse

ISBN : 978-2-914562-82-9
Pages : 146
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