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<transcy>The Gospel According to God (Isaiah 53) eBook</transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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Often regarded as one of the most important passages in the Bible, Isaiah 53's prophecy about the Suffering Servant foretells the crucifixion of Jesus, the central event in God's ultimate plan for the redemption of the world.

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This book explains, verse by verse, the prophetic words of Isaiah 53, while highlighting the important connection this passage has with the history of Israel and the New Testament. It shows us how this ancient prophecy exposes the essential truths that are still so relevant today to our lives.

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JOHN MACARTHUR (D. Div., Talbot Theological Seminay) is a pastor-teacher at Grace Community Church, a church in Sun Valley, California. His preaching ministry by exhibition is unmatched in scope and influence. He is the author of numerous bestsellers, including The MacArthur Commentaries on the New Testament .


" The Gospel According to God is a remarkably well-written exposition of the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed by the prophet Isaiah. Like Philip in the chariot of the Ethiopian minister, MacArthur takes up the pen and, starting with Isaiah, announces Jesus to us! This work, both academic and devotional, is a resource for teaching the gospel in the Church and a tool for the evangelization of Jews and non-Jews. »
- Paul David Washer, Director, HeartCry Missionary Society; author of the series Recovering the Gospel; Knowing the Living God; Discovering the Glorious Gospel; Discerning the Plight of Man and The Gospel of Jesus Christ

"The clever exposition of Isaiah 53 by John MacArthur brings us into the presence of the gospel of Christ crucified. In the death of our divine Substitute, we contemplate the height of God's love and the depth of our iniquity. The clarity of this prophecy is all the more surprising when we see that God revealed it to Israel seven centuries before the coming of Jesus. Although Christians have various ways of interpreting the covenant of God and the end of times, we find ourselves united at the foot of the cross, in worship and in humble joy. »
- Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"MacArthur never ceases to outdo himself. The Gospel According to God will undoubtedly become a reference work on Isaiah 53 for many years to come. An exceptional achievement by one of our leading pastors and theologians.
- Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; member of the College of Teachers, Ligonier Ministries; full professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

“This expert commentator and distinguished theologian has devoted his entire ministry to defining and defending the gospel of Jesus Christ. In these pages, you will discover the biblical basis of the good news of salvation in the person and work of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. You will be delighted as you contemplate the glory of God in the image of Him who is the only Savior of sinners, the Lord of heaven and earth. Here is yet another easy-to-read in-depth doctrine book by this well-known author. Everything MacArthur writes will contribute to the well-being of your souls. This book is no exception. »
- Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries, Dallas, Texas

" The Gospel According to God , by John MacArthur, is a striking, clear and solid exposition of Isaiah 52.13 to 53.12. It is especially a joy “to hear” in these pages MacArthur preaching the gospel from the Old Testament. As you dwell on these pages for a little while, you will discover Christ in the passage God used to transform the life of the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:27-38). »
- Ligon Duncan, President, CEO and Full Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“The passage from Isaiah 52.13 to 53.12 shows the height, depth and breadth of the wisdom of God, and even the infallibility of His Word. All of this richness is evidenced in this book by one of the most gifted and learned Bible teachers of our time. MacArthur goes above and beyond, to offer us the results of his research, his faith, and his exposure of the scriptures for nearly half a century. As you read this profound study, our Redeemer will appear to you more and more compassionate, merciful, desirable and worthy. A must-read must-read! »
- Miguel Nunez, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church of Santo Domingo; president and founder, Wisdom and Integrity Ministries; Board Member, The Gospel Coalition

"When I was an eight-year-old child in a Scottish public school, I was 'forced' to memorize Isaiah 53. The teacher told us that this passage was about Jesus, and she was right. However, I wish she could read The Gospel According to God . She could then have shown me how this prophecy of Isaiah would be fulfilled in detail. She would also have been able to help me understand the meaning of the terrible loneliness, violence, shame, and rejection the Savior endured for me. This is what The Gospel According to God does, with all the scripture-saturated boldness that author John MacArthur offers us once again. »
- Sinclair B. Ferguson, Full Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“For nearly half a century, we have all benefited immensely from the works and sermons of John MacArthur through his faithfulness to the scriptures. In The Gospel According to God , he finds himself in his element as he deals with an issue at the very heart of the Christian gospel, namely the atoning sacrifice of Christ. Isaiah 53 is a rare text, but extraordinarily rich in gospel truth, and John MacArthur dissects it with his usual precision and evangelical ardor. If you want to gain a new perspective on the love of Calvary and expand your mind and heart, be sure to buy and read this book! »
- Conrad Mbewe, pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church; president, African Christian University, Lusaka, Zambia

Table of contents

Introduction: The whole history of salvation in prophecy

Part 1: The Suffering Servant
1 The most remarkable chapter of the Old Testament
2 Who is the prophet talking about?
3 Amazing!
4 What about those who disbelieve?
5 The Substitute Servant
6 The dumb Servant
7 The suffering and exalted Servant
8 The Servant who bears sin

Part Two: The Life and Times of the Prophet Isaiah
9 Here I am, send me
10 The Fall of Judah

Appendix: "The Man of Sorrows" - Sermon by Charles Spurgeon


Original title : The Gospel according to God
Author : John MacArthur
Edition : Éditions Impact < br> Publication : November 2020
ISBN : 978-2-89082-413-3
Pages : 226
Format : eBook

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Philippe Schrœder
des excellentes pistes pour apporter l’évangile à mes amis juifs !

Je viens de terminer ce livre que j’ai acheté en numérique... quelle joie de trouver des personnes telles que John MacArthur, érudit de la Parole, écrire un si beau livre de théologie systématique qui parle à tout notre être et surtout qui croit en toute la Parole de Dieu, contrairement à ce qui est enseigné dans nos facultés de théologie ...
Je vous encourage à le lire !

Très bon livre à priori

Je n'ai pas encore fini la lecture mais il me semble excellent

Jean-Michel Mermet
Passionnant, dévoile le sens d'un chapitre bien compliqué !

Je n'ai malheureusement pas encore eu le temps de le terminer, mais c'est excellent



Ce livre répond à toutes nos questions sur ce sujet.