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<tc>The Gospel According to Jesus (eBook) (L'Évangile selon Jésus (eBook))</tc>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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The faith to which Jesus calls us is tantamount to surrender marked by repentance and submission to the truth, including that of his lordship. In this book, John MacArthur examines the gospel in light of Jesus' ministry. Drawing on scripture, he calls on readers to reject the message of a watered down gospel that is gaining popularity in the Church and to return to the gospel that Jesus preached. In addition, the author encourages us to follow the example of our Lord both in our way of living and in our way of proclaiming the Good News.


John MacArthur is pastor-teacher at Grace Community Church in California, and president of The Master's University and Seminary. He is known for his fiery display of the scriptures. He is the author of numerous books including a series of commentaries on the New Testament, Parables , The Upper Room and Twelve Extraordinary Women .

Table of contents

Foreword to the anniversary edition
Foreword to the revised edition
Foreword to the first edition

Part One: Today's Gospel: Good News or Bad News?
1. What did Jesus mean when he said, "Follow me"?
2. The issues at stake

Second part: Jesus proclaims his Gospel
3. He invites to a new birth
4. It Requires True Worship
5. He welcomes sinners, but dismisses the righteous
6. He opens the eyes of the blind
7. He sends back an unsatisfied soul that is nevertheless greedy
8. He seeks and saves those who are lost
9. He Condemns a Hardened Heart
10. It offers a restful yoke

Third part: Jesus illustrates his Gospel
11. The courts
12. The chaff and the wheat
13. The Kingdom's Treasure
14. The first and the last
15. Lost and Found
16. The vine and the branches

Part Four: Jesus Explains His Gospel
17. The Call to Repentance
18. The Nature of True Faith
19. The Promise of Justification
20. The way of salvation
21. The certainty of judgment
22. The Cost of Living as a Disciple
23. The Sovereignty of Christ

Fifth part: Jesus fulfills his Gospel
24. Tetelestai! : The triumph is complete

Part Six: Appendices
1. The Gospel According to the Apostles
2. The Gospel According to Classical Christian Literature
3. Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Index of Biblical References
Subject Index
About the Author


Original title: The Gospel According to Jesus
Author: MacArthur, John
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2010
Pages : 371
Format : eBook

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