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<transcy>The Gospel According to Luke - Volume 1 (L'Évangile selon Luc - Tome 1)</transcy>

François Bassin
by Édifac
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Evangelical Commentary on the Bible

The Honorable Theophilus, to whom the doctor Luke is speaking, seems to be in need - like many of our contemporaries - to know the veracity of the events which took place around the person of Christ. This is the task that Luke set out to do by doing extensive research to write the gospel that bears his name.

Besides a detailed introduction, this first volume deals with the prologue (chap. 1 and 2) the proclamation of the Good News by the ministry of Jesus and the activities of Jesus in Galilee and surroundings (chap. 3 to 9).


Author: François Bassin
Publisher Édifac
Pages: 336
Weight: 400 g
Publication: October 2006
Dimensions: 13.5 x 21 cm
ISBN: 9782904407413