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<transcy>The Gospel According to Paul (L'Évangile selon Paul)</transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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What did Paul actually teach about the Good News of Jesus?

In his letters to the early church, the apostle Paul wrote a number of passages that sum up the gospel message in a few carefully chosen words. Each of these key texts reveals a fundamental aspect of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The chapters of this book examine, verse by verse, these essential gospel texts.

In this book, John MacArthur addresses questions such as:
• What is the gospel?
• What are the elements that are at the heart of his message?
• How can we be sure that we have understood him correctly?
• How should believers announce the Good News?

As always, the answers given by John MacArthur are clear, compelling, thoughtful, easy to grasp, and most importantly, deeply biblical. The Gospel According to Paul is written in an accessible style that will be appreciated by seasoned pastors as well as those with little knowledge of the Bible.

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JOHN MACARTHUR (D. Div., Talbot Theological Seminary) is a pastor-teacher at Grace Community Church, a church in Sun Valley, California. His preaching ministry by exhibition is unmatched in scope and influence. He is president of The Master’s University and Seminary. He is the author of numerous bestsellers, including The MacArthur Commentaries on the New Testament .


"Twenty years ago John MacArthur sounded the alarm that nothing less than the demise of the gospel was imminent. In The Gospel According to Jesus, MacArthur prophetically challenged the Church to affirm the gospel as Christ preached it. Today, faced with a new crisis in evangelical Christianity, MacArthur is once again setting the record straight with The Gospel According to Paul. This is the right book, from the right author at the right time. I urge all evangelical Christians to read it. »
- R. Albert Mohler, Jr., rector of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In this hour of spiritual darkness, the gospel of Jesus Christ is under attack from all sides. John MacArthur, having made the exegesis and pulpit exposition of the Thirteen Epistles of the Apostle Paul with depth and precision, is the right man to document and defend the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. The Gospel According to Paul is a theologically rich and carefully prepared book that the Church today sorely needs. This is a book that everyone should read whether they are a Christian or not. »
- Steven J. Lawson, OnePassion Ministries, Dallas, Texas

“In the wake of alarmist voices telling us that we have fundamentally misunderstood Paul, the Church is in desperate need of new material about the apostle and his understanding of the gospel. I cannot find anyone more qualified than John MacArthur to provide this material. It is uplifting and so rich on crucial gospel topics that every Christian should know. I am delighted that once again John MacArthur has brought us a very timely and necessary book.
- Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; professor of systematic and pastoral theology, RTS Atlanta; member of the Ligonier College of Teachers

"We don't need a new perspective from the apostle Paul, but from the biblical position. As always, John MacArthur delivers. »
- Todd Friel, radio host

"Nothing is more important than our understanding of the gospel. The latter must be understood and conveyed clearly. John MacArthur made it the passion of his life. Having helped an entire generation to steer clear of a variety of heretical assaults on the gospel, he now delivers a clear and vibrant expression of the doctrine of salvation by insightfully developing the inspired words of the apostle Paul. . The Gospel according to Paul is a timely book, a necessary assemblage of eternal truths inseparable from the Good News of grace. This information about the life and teaching of the Apostle Paul will certainly enrich your faith and increase your understanding of this foundational New Testament doctrine. ”
- Mike Fabarez, Pastor of Compass Bible Church, Aliso Viejo , California; host of Focal Point Radio

Table of contents


Appointed for the defense of the Gospel
An analysis of Paul's epistles
Nothing but the Gospel
Paul threatened
The good fight
Truth triumphs

1. Things of primary importance
No other Gospel
An abridged biography of Paul
Questions of primary importance
"The gospel which I have preached to you"
The problem in Corinth
The burial
The resurrection
The proof

2. First, the bad news
The universal guilty verdict
Evidence from the Old Testament
The indictment
L 'indictment
The verdict

3. How can a person be justified before God?
Questioning Job
The Human Dilemma
“So who can be saved? "
I have no merit

4. Sola fide
“No because of works of justice”
By faith alone
Justification demonstrates the righteousness of God
Justification magnifies the grace of God
Justification proves the righteousness of God
Justification confirms the law of God

5. The great exchange
The outrage of the cross
A passage key on penal substitution
The will of God
The word of reconciliation
The work of Christ
The way of salvation

6. Together, alive with Christ
We have been raised from the dead
We have been raised by grace
We were resurrected by means of faith
We were resurrected by purpose
We have been resurrected for good works

7. Lessons of Grace
Legalism: the foolishness of self-righteousness
Antinomianism: the dominant error of the present time
Grace and law are not opposed
Grace and good works
A lesson from the past: Salvation came through grace and not through the law
A lesson for the present: grace encourages zeal and not inertia
A lesson for the future: we can live in hope rather than in fear

Epilogue: The testimony of Paul.

Appendix 1: In defense of atonement by substitution
In search of 'a maneuverable deity
Redefining atonement
Socinianism restored
The biblical doctrine of substitutional atonement
The battle for atonement of Evangelicalism? Not really

Appendix 2: Christ died for God
The death of Christ was a sacrifice to God
The death of Christ demonstrated submission to God
The death of Christ , a substitution that was offered to God
The death of Christ, a satisfaction for God
For God, death of Christ was our salvation
It is through the death of Christ that our sonship was established with God

Appendix 3: The reason for everything

Appendix 4: The Glorious Gospel of Paul
The Savior
The sinner
This word



Original title : The Gospel According to Paul
Author : John MacArthur
Publisher : Impact
Publication : February 2021
ISBN : 978-2-89082-437-9
Pages : 248
Dimensions : 6 "x9"
Format : paperback
Weight : 346 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
MacArthur est l'un des meilleurs pour présenter clairement l’Évangile.

Ce livre présente clairement ce qu’est l’Évangile à partir des écrits de Paul. Il met l’emphase sur une doctrine si importante, celle de la substitution pénale. Notre sauveur qui a pris notre place à la croix. Le livre comporte un glossaire utile à la fin pour ceux qui pourrait ne pas comprendre certains termes spécifiques dans le livre. Ce fut un livre édifiant à lire! MacArthur est l'un des meilleurs pour présenter clairement l’Évangile.

Jean-Pierre Laporte
John Macarthur mon auteur préférer

J'apprécie beaucoup la façon don les vérités biblique son expliquer facile a comprendre théologique. Un plaisir a lire ses livre.