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The MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Luke 1-5 (Luc - Tome 1)

by Impact
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Several themes emerge from this wonderful Gospel, the first of which is God's love for sinners. Luke pays particular attention to those excluded from Jewish society, including pagans, Samaritans, women, tax collectors and lepers. God offers forgiveness to repentant sinners, which leads Luke to emphasize joy. It also describes how the fear of God manifests itself in people who find themselves in the presence of God or his works, and emphasizes the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of Jesus.


John MacArthur comes from a family of five generations of pastors. His teaching of the Word of God is widely known for his straightforward and careful, verse-by-verse approach. He pays particular attention to the historical and literary background of each passage. A popular author and speaker, he has worked as a pastor-teacher in California since 1969. His ministry shines through his many books (over 150!), Including several bestsellers, radio shows, software, cassettes and CDs. , distributed en masse in several countries. John and his wife, Patricia, have four children and fourteen grandchildren.


Original title: The MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Luke 1-5
: John MacArthur
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-218-4
Publication : 2013
Pages : 497
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : paperback
Weight : 590 g