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<transcy>Light on the Apocalypse (Lumière sur l'Apocalypse)</transcy>

Marc Frédéric Donzé
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The book of Revelation is a strange portion of the Bible. On the one hand, it exerts a fascination that has given rise to the most bizarre speculations. On the other, it inspires a certain fear or, at the very least, restraint and apprehension.

Isn't this book filled with fantastic descriptions and paintings? Doesn't it contain some very unusual and strange symbols, bordering on (or beyond) comprehensible? Doesn't he lead Christians into all kinds of conflicting interpretations? Doesn't it cause confusion?

The key to understanding the message of Revelation is Christ, the Savior sent from the Father to perfectly accomplish the salvation of His people and enthronate the redemption of all of God's creation, as well as to bring the wicked into judgment.

As a simple Christian of ages past said, "The Apocalypse is that Christ won!" "

Satan's rage, cosmic upheavals and amazing events we find in the pages of Revelation all stem from Christ's victory on the cross and will culminate in the coming of a new earth and new heavens in which justice will reign.

Is it any wonder then that the Bible describes the believer as one who, having converted to God by abandoning idols to serve the living and true God, awaits his Son from heaven?

So let's fix our eyes on the returning Son, rather than on the cloudy details of his coming. This is the ambition of this simple, clear and faithful book.


Author : Marc Frédéric Donzé
Publisher: Europresse
Pages : 224
Weight : 274 g
Publication : April 2014
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
ISBN : 978-2-914562 -69-0
Format : paperback

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