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<transcy>If you Bite and Devour one another (Mais si vous vous mordez et vous dévorez les uns les autres) </transcy>

Alexander Strauch
by Impact
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Conflict within local churches is an endemic problem that is too often familiar to us. This book is unique in its kind: its author draws up an exhaustive inventory of the biblical passages dealing with the subject of conflict and he draws from them guiding principles allowing the believer to learn to manage different forms of conflict between Christians - whatever be it disputes, Christian freedom and lifestyle issues, denominational issues, or disagreements over major doctrines.

But if you bite and devour each other also points out what behaviors and attitudes to adopt when letting yourself be inspired and led by the Holy Spirit.

The author provides a solid exposition of the Scriptures and also relates concrete situations where Christians who were grappling with very real conflicts were able to resolve them in a way that honors Christ.

Table of contents


1. Acting in the Spirit
2. Act in Love
3. Acting in Humility
4. Controlling your anger
5. Mastering your language
6. Watch out for criticism!
7. Seeking reconciliation
8. Seeking Peace
9. Dealing with False Teachers
10. Dealing with Controversies

Index of Cited Authors
Index of Biblical References


Original title : If you Bite and Devour one another
Author : Alexander Strauch
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2012
Pages : 236
ISBN : 978-2-89082-147-7
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback

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