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<transcy>Mom enough (Maman à la hauteur) </transcy>

Tony Reinke
by CLÉ
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An encouragement to become a trusting mother in God

Our society, our friends or our families put a lot of pressure on Christian mothers. Moms often wonder if they are up to the task…

This collection of 24 articles written by 7 mothers living around the world, examines the struggles and worries that mothers experience every day. The authors learned “in the trenches” how to depend on God and make him their treasure. They present the real, albeit paradoxical, secret of God-given motherhood: a mom only grows up when she can answer "no" to the question "Are you up to it as a mother?" ».

Written in an engaging and humorous style, these articles offer us a unique perspective on biblical femininity. These women share a common call: to seek to live a fruitful and faithful life as daughters of the Most High, wives and mothers.

Their questions, reflections and anecdotes will encourage other mothers to live their role as mothers without guilt in the joy and freedom that the Gospel offers every day. They bear witness to a God who is up to him ...

Collection of articles of " Mum up to the task? " by


This book will help you

  • Live the joys of motherhood freely.
  • Put the gospel into practice in the hearts of your children and your home.
  • Remove your fears about your role as a mother.

Highlights of the book

  • Powerful testimonials, filled with anecdotes and humor.
  • Written by Moms for Moms.
  • The correct and alert tone makes it easier to read.


  • Mothers of young children.
  • Fathers or anyone related to mothers.
  • People interested in motherhood or femininity according to the Bible.

Tony Reinke is a journalist and senior writer for the Christian blog

He hosts the famous podcast Ask pastor John and he is the author of several books including Lit! : A Christian Guide to Reading Books Et Newton on the Chrtistian Life . With his wife Karalee, he edited the book Mum Up?

Table of contents

Foreword by Editor
1. Motherhood is a call (how important are your children to you?)
2. Motherhood is a missionary field
3. Motherhood is practical
4. How eternity gives shape to the ordinary
5. Desperate, dependent, breathless parenting
6. Moms, are you up to it?
7. The end of the Mother's War
8. The Mother's War in the Local Church: A Parable
9. The Mother's War is a spiritual war
10. The defense of a pregnant woman against the tricks of the devil
11. The daily question of mothers
12. A greater treasure than my home
13. Femininity: June Cleaver, Clair Huxtable or the virtuous woman?
14. Motherhood's Amazing Call
15. The grace that surpasses all worry
16. A frightening prayer
17. It's a good thing to be a clay vessel!
18. A home “for life”
19. A whim for my transformation
20. Kiss the waves
21. A prayer for the worried mom
22. Our children for our joy
23. The idols of the maternal heart
24. A mother's mission


Original title : Mom enough
Publisher : édition Clé 
Author : Tony Reinke
Publication : April 2018
ISBN : 978-2-35843-117-0
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 156 g

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